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2nd December 2008, 07:32 PM
Drs. Michael Wolf, Jared B. Galle, and Andrew Isaacs, board certified veterinary neurologists at Animal Neurology & MRI Center in Commerce, Michigan, offer Cavalier breeders reduced rates of as low as $850.00 for an MRI scan, which includes a neurological examination, and consultation/review of the MRI study with one of the board certified neurologists, for a minimum of three dogs. See http://cavalierhealth.org/syringomyelia.htm#Reduced_Rate for details.

4th December 2008, 03:53 PM
The Animal Neurology & MRI Center in Commerce, Michigan has revised its information, as follows: "As low as $975.00 for an MRI scan. Rate includes a neurological examination, anesthesia, MRI scan and consultation/review of the MRI study with the neurologists, for a minimum of three dogs. Review and MRI imaging report from their board certified radiologist can be requested for an additional fee."

So, the $850.00 price no longer is in effect.

Cathy Moon
6th December 2008, 02:03 AM
I thought LIVS was offering a good value for MRIs and some diagnostics on a minimum of 3 dogs. I was going to take my 3 up to LIVS on Long Island, but due to the economy I had to abandon that plan. Will look it up later.

Edited to add
It's for breeders:

Low cost screening of COMS (Chiari malformation) is being offered at LIVS. This program for breeders ($500. per dog in groups of 3) includes a neruological evaluation, a Spiral CT scan, an MRI, BAER testing and a Thermography scan. Copies and/or reports of any previously performed MRI's should be brought in at time of screening. An additional charge will be levied for needed medications, tests and requested copies of MRI's and CT scans.
Initial results of the screening tests will be presented orally, before discharge by a member of the Surgery/Neurology department. Written discharge instructions will be given as well. When grading scale has been finalized in 6-8 weeks by Dr. Dominic J. Marino, in conjunction with Dr. Clare Rusbridge, a written summary will follow. Breeding recommendations will then be offered based on a protocol devised by Dr. Rusbridge depending on grading results.

Contact Alexis Bomzer at:
516-501-1700, ext. 267 to schedule appointments.

I will call them to find out if this can be offered to pet owners.