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3rd December 2008, 11:06 AM
Hi, I just found out my Ilsa has Dry Eye, she had a semichronic redness but no scabbing or crazy discharge or anything.
I was given a gel and drops to give her.

I was just wondering, since I read too much, will this halt the progression of the problem? I read that she could go blind and am concerned.
Thank You

Cathy Moon
4th December 2008, 12:11 AM
So sorry she has dry eye. :flwr:

I haven't had a cavalier with dry eye yet, but other members do.

The only thing I do know is that it is a chronic condition that requires at least daily treatment such as eye drops. I'm assuming the vet told you how often to return for checkups as well as what symptoms to watch for so you can get her back in to the vet quickly for any problems. If not, I would call the vet to get this information.

4th December 2008, 02:41 AM
Mindy has one dry eye and she gets optimune twice daily. I don't think the vet said this will ever effect her vision. She's 10 1/2 and both of her eyes are starting to get cataracts so I think that is more of a concern vision wise. She's had no problems since going on the optimune about six months ago.