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murphy's mum
8th December 2008, 11:44 AM
With all the wealth of knowledge on our forum, I wondered if anyone has any good tips to help Misty settle in her new home?:)

Also how to help Murphy adjust to Misty? He seem scared of her, and moves quickly away when she comes close, but then has also been barking at hericon_nwunsure
How do I let him know he's still Mums boy?

And when I came back in just now Misty was having a good roll on the carpet, and Murphy was sitting beside me growling at her. Not that Misty seems to take any notice:rolleyes: I've just ignored this behaviour so far, I take it unless there was actual fighting, I should just let them go about there business. They are now both snoozing, Misty on the chair, and Murphy on the couch beside me:)

We feed them at opposite ends of the room, but no-one has made a move towards the other, I put Murphys food down first. Does this matter? Murphy barked at Misty when she went to play with the toys. Should I get new toys, so that they start afresh?

Sorry for all the questions, I did read the links in the rescue section too. Thanks

8th December 2008, 02:22 PM
It doesn't matter who you feed first if you have them separated. It doesn't really matter anyway unless you have a dog that goes after the other one's food or might initiate a fight over meals.

You don't need new toys, you just need to supervise playtime with anything that can become a resource to fight over -- eg toys and chews.

If Murphy is sitting up by you growling at Misty then put him down on the ground and block him from getting back up -- eg end his 'privileged' time next to you. This kind of thing while probably innocuous can be the start of possible guarding behaviour and isn't acceptable. He is doing this because he is resource guarding you -- don;t let that progress. It's a good idea to train both dogs not to get up on furniture next to you without being invited to do so -- and/or make sure both dogs understand 'off' as it get off and send them off if they ar misusing their privileged time next to you. (don;t use 'down' -- most people use that to mean lie down and then wonder why their dogs do not also get down off furniture on this command... :p).

Just let them mix in their own time. Dogs may or may not become good friends, may or may not enjoy being close to each other, ever. You just have to let them choose their own way and accept it. It may take days, weeks, months or years for dogs to accept each other. For example I have four and of those only two ever play with each other. They will all curl up together though.

8th December 2008, 02:30 PM
Totally agree with all Karlin says, put him off the sofa if he's guarding you. It's early days though and I would try to give it time. I find taking two dogs for a walk quite equalizing.

8th December 2008, 02:31 PM
This sounds like when I got my new puppy 4 mths ago.
My adult Lucie ignored her and the pups fast movements scared her even though all Sasha wanted to do was be her friend.
Lucie was the exact same with all her toys....my hubby said she was a spolt doggy!:rolleyes: I washed as many toys as i could but just left them to it.....she had to learn to share and did after about 4 weeks.
Regarding feeding I always fed Luice 1st...her bowl went down on to her feeding mat but the pup was and still is fed in her crate.
I try to get a cuddle alone with both but it is had when you have a pup that is like velcro!:rolleyes:She hardly leaves my side.
I can see Lucie accepting her more each day even now....and am hopeful that once the puppy behaviour starts to settle then they will cuddle up together.ONly on the odd occasion will u find the 2 dogs sleeping next to one and other.....despite Sasha trying a million times a day...bless her!

Oh just remembered another thing I did....to try get them to bond i would play with them both in the house.Playing tug but each had a toy and i would have the ends....it basically got them used to being next to each other but the toy distarcted Lucie from growling.Now they play tug with each other.
Once the inital shock of Misty arriving is over i am sure Murphy will settle down.But I totally symapthise with the low growls he is making towards her as my Lucie did that too.
Another wee tip my vet gave me was to walk Lucie alone at night and a few wee short outings during the day justso it was us 2 alone and have a wee play with some toys alone so she didnt feel left out.I then gradully incorporated Sasha into the walks.:thmbsup:

Hope that helps.
Let us no how the 2 are getting along as the time passes.

Kizzys Mum
8th December 2008, 04:22 PM
Congratulations! We were recently in your situation and have now had our ex-breeding girl for about 8 weeks.

As Pauline said, I think walking them together is really helpful. We took all of ours out the evening we got Kizzy and they have got on pretty well from the outset. I suppose it's easier as none of ours have been "only dogs"!

Just let them take their time and I'm sure they'll be friends in no time :)

murphy's mum
8th December 2008, 04:43 PM

I'm not worrried about them, as I know it's early days, but it's knowing how to handle these little things from the start:)

Karlin, I'll start doing this with Murphy, and start the training with the 'off' comand, thanks. I think Murphy sees me as his, and his alone:rolleyes:

Pauline, we did a couple of walks yesterday, and today, and it's the only time they seem ok. Misty follows Murphy through the fields like a little shadow. So hopefully this time outside will help their bond.

Leesanlucie, that just might be the thing to let him know everything is ok, I'll try and make some time from Murphy and I alone tonight.