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12th December 2008, 07:57 PM
Hello everyone, not been on here for quite a while!

I had to take Bluebell to the vet this afternoon as she has had a sore paw,she won't rest on it and seems to be hurting her, she may have had something stuck in it, so she had a couple of jabs and have to see how she is. She is booked in to see the groomer on monday as she has so much fur you can barely see her feet, the vet said it will be easier to keep her feet better then.

I am putting lottie and bluebell back onto Royal Canin, as i spoke to the vet about bluebells size, and i am going to give her the royal canin (she is currently on pedigree better by nature) but the 'light' version. bluebell seems to be getting quite stiff and her leg seems to 'click' a lot too. The vet said it could be early arthritus so she is now on glucozamine tablets and going to put her on royal canin and try to lose her some weight.

The breeder we got them from does breed a larger type of cavaliers, but i think i need to cut her down as Bluebell (2yrs in april) weighs 15.6kg and Lottie (1 year 2 months) is 12kgs.

So i think i should notice quite a difference from going from pedigree to royal canin light. The vet also said i will feed them a lot less, but that i should feed them twice a day, small amount in am and small amount in pm.

All they eat at the minute is a dentastix and a bonio for brekkie, and then their meal at night (which was pedigree wet food and dry food). The vet did say that they have fantastic teeth though so that was good, i think that is because they have a dentastix every morning.

12th December 2008, 11:20 PM
Awww....hopefully Bluebells sore paw will heal quickly!
Hopefully its not early onset arthritis at such a young age but if it is am sure ur vet will be able to help her.
As for her size, my adult cav lucie is 3 yrs in feb and is tall,chunky and weighs 9.4 kilos or so!My vet says she is fine at the weight she is but I do find I have to watch her weight and i feed her raw green beans and other veg to fill her up along with her JWB food.Both my cavs are fed twice a day....7am and 3pm and then a JWB biscuit before bed.
I have never fed pedigree or royal canin so i cant comment on the food but definetly go with 2 small meals a day.I also make sure both dogs get a fair amount of excercise each day so no more extra pounds go on to her.
My puppy is nearly 7mths old and is much smaller than Lucie when she was that age so i dnt thyink she wil be as big.
Let us know if the food change works well.:thmbsup:

13th December 2008, 12:02 AM
Royal Canin is a great food, good choice :thmbsup:

I have my podgy few on the light version of RC and it has worked quite well, esp on the particuarly "plus size" lady ;). The weight does take a while to come off but when the food is good and the dog is in good form it's worth the long haul - good luck!

13th December 2008, 12:18 AM
Hi Emma, nice to hear from you again. I hope Bluebell's paw is better soon. :flwr:

Don't forget to take before and after diet pics of the girls, I like those :cool:

13th December 2008, 01:07 AM
Hi Emma, hope Bluebells paw is better soon.

13th December 2008, 09:05 PM
I am putting lottie and bluebell back onto Royal Canin, as i spoke to the vet about bluebells size, and i am going to give her the royal canin

You can also try Burns High oats (http://www.burnspet.co.uk/dog/overweight_products.asp) or Arden Grange Light (http://www.ardengrange.com/Pet-Food/light-dog-food.asp) , both good quality foods.