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Love my Cavaliers
13th December 2008, 02:35 AM
This is an amazing video of what you can teach a dog to do. Not a cavalier, but incredible to watch none the less.


Daisy's Mom
13th December 2008, 03:02 AM
That is amazing, and I am crying after watching it. I had seen them on PetStar and I was so tickled by the "don't take it till I say 3" trick that I taught it to Daisy several months ago! I put her in a down, put a little treat right on her front paw and tell her "Leave it till I say 3." Then I say "1, 2, 14, 9, 11,(or whatever other random numbers I want to throw in), 3" and she takes it on 3. But of course, I have to say 3 in an excited voice so she knows when to take it, unlike Skidboot and his owner. I've been working on a secret signal with my foot that I give when I say 3 in a more neutral voice and she's getting better at picking up on it. So I'm slowly decreasing the excitement in my voice on the 3, hoping to get to the point that Skidboot is at some day! Like him, she literally has her nose 1 inch from the treat and is staring at it intently the whole time I'm counting, but she doesn't take it till I say 3. It's one of her 2 best party tricks!

The other one is "Bang" and she falls over dead, but the cute thing is that it takes us 2-3 shots before she's completely "dead". The first shot she sits with her head hanging down, the 2nd one, she lies down, halfway on her side and with her head up, and the third one, she's completely out. It's very cute, I have to admit. We won "Best Trick" award at her puppy class with it (she's been doing "Bang" a long time now, and has more recently added the slow death part of her own devise). If I would be more creative and more diligent, I don't think there is anything she can't learn because she's the perfect combo of smart and treat-motivated.

But what Skidboot and his owner do is completely unreal, especially when Skidboot imitates the owner's actions. Pretty cool.

Thanks for posting that -- it was a treat to watch!

Mom of Jato
13th December 2008, 08:51 PM
What a sweet story about an amazing dog and his owner. Thanks for sharing that- I really enjoyed watching it. :thmbsup: