View Full Version : More Fireworks Again and a Happy New Year To All

Brian M
31st December 2008, 04:23 PM

Here we go again lots more fireworks about midnight I expect so its a noisy night again ,as Dawn and I (Lukes a bit young yet ) are both past the party stage and as we are now two old bores and neither of us drink I expect we shall wander to bed around midnight but the girls can stay upstairs all night with us so they can keep me calm .As a norm they follow me around all the time when I am not at work (go back Monday) and as I type and after a good walk this morning they have now all crashed out on the bed and are happily snoring away ,they normally all sleep in their own crates in the lounge but not tonight ,mentioning snoring out of my three Daisy is slightly smaller than Rosie but she belts out a lot more decibels than Rosie and with Pops its mostly just the odd grunt ,and Rosie is the quiet little girl.

And may I wish all members A Very Happy New Year and a big thank you to everybody for a lot of very readable ,informative ,funny and sometimes sad posts and pictures and lots of good memories for those of us who lost a special four legged friend ,and lastly but most importantly a special thanks to that ever so special lady Karlin for providing the platform that we all thoroughly enjoy so much ,if I knew where she lived I would send her a great big bouquet of flowers :flwr::flwr::flwr::flwr:

Thanks Karlin Warmest Wishes and A Very Happy New Year

Brian ,Dawn and Luke
Poppy ,Daisy and Rosie
and Ami

31st December 2008, 05:21 PM
My three boys are also snoozing after their walk.

I will have a quiet drink with hubby tonight and relax with the boys... we are also old bores and our children are all doing their own thing....although they will ring and one may even be here!

Happy new year to you too.

31st December 2008, 05:27 PM
I'm hoping there wont be too many fireworks going off round here. Ollie doesnt really mind them, once he's inside with us, but Roxy is scared of any noise. I dropped a bottle on the tiles on day and she ran and hid in her crate and wouldnt come out for ages, so I can only imagine what fireworks would do to the poor thing.

:rah: Happy new year to you all :rah:

31st December 2008, 06:29 PM
Happy new Year Brian, Happy New Year everyone, thank you Karlin for settin the 'joint' up and running it and thanks also to everyone else who makes this place superb :rah:

Brian M
31st December 2008, 10:03 PM

And of course a Happy New Year to all the people that protested over the Margaret Carter debacle and of course to Margaret ,Jan B, Pippa ,Sabby ,Pauline ,Karlin and the many others who fought the good fight against those bastions of secluded blindness ie our own Cavalier Club that now operates a closed shop and is now effectively a breeders club and of course our beloved Kennel Club run for idiots and organized by idiots may they crumble his year and a K C run for all the members and with the welfare of animals at the forefront rise from the ashes. :)