View Full Version : Your doggies at New years Eve...?

1st January 2009, 09:30 AM
...How did they react to all the firworks at midnight?

I had a nightshift so for safety I brought my girls (there was going to be some guests at home and I was scared they´d might get out and run off in panic with the door allways opening and closing)
I brought some chewtoys and bones and prepared for them to be anything from scared to horryfied....since Elja was rather scared last year.

Much to my surprise they just lay there on the coach ,chewing their bones and really did´nt give care...it was like they didn´t even notice the Armageddon going on outside:)
Icelanders tend to buy and use A LOT OF FIREWORKS since we support our rescue teams when purchasing...and it did look like the end of the worls outside at midnight but mine just could´nt be bothered:rah:
I hope your all your doggies were comfortable as well...

1st January 2009, 12:15 PM
I went out with a Dane many years ago and spent new year's eve one year in Copenhagen and remember the fireworks -- up til then I had never associated fireworks with new year's. They let off a lot of bottle rockets as I recall!

There were a few here last night -- none of my cats or dogs is bothered by them though they cause Lily to bark sometimes on walks if she is startled (but then Lily the flibbertigibbet is always looking for any excuse to bark... :rolleyes:)

amanda L
1st January 2009, 12:45 PM
Two of mine hate fireworks, Hallowe'en is always so quiet, but on New Years Eve its quite loud, so the television gets turned up, blinds down, and radio on (lyric fm) at the same time, so they don't hear them. They get a kong too:D