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1st January 2009, 10:48 PM
Hello Everyonne,

I thought I'd let ya'll know there are two pretty tri-color pups at the Danbury Fair Mall pet store. If anyone else is more informed about the rescue league in the CT/NY area of lives in Fairfield county I emplore you to go and check on these pups. they look to be in good health and are from mid-west "breeder". oh and befor i forget their was a blenheim one in the shop befor Christmas and it appears it was taken home and replaced by these two. they are also marked as Cavalier Cockers on there display tages. please help if you can i know these pups will sell quick if action is not taken.

thank you,

2nd January 2009, 01:06 AM
Sorry, I am a bit confused and maybe there's a misunderstanding about what breed rescue does -- why would rescue get involved in taking puppies from a pet store, especially if they are in OK shape? Although like you, many of us would definitely find the practice of selling puppies in this way repugnant, it is still legal.

If there's a welfare issue (illness, poor conditions) with pet shop puppies, it is the local SPCA or humane society or animal control officers that should be contacted as it is then a welfare concern. I don't know of any rescue organisation that will buy puppies out of pet shops -- mainly because (like buying puppies to 'rescue' them) this only supports the system and those taken out will quickly be replaced by more puppies. It is better to write the store management and express your unhappiness that puppies are being sold in this way and indicate that you will not patronise the store and will discourage others to do so as well. :thmbsup:

2nd January 2009, 01:49 AM
I just don't know what to do and thought that maybe the rescue would some how be able to help these little guys. I just hate seeing them there and knowing some unsuspecting person could end up with a sick pup. also I'm not an expert so I was just putting a warning out so that someone with more experience might go check them out.

Cathy T
2nd January 2009, 02:59 AM
Unfortunately rescue is not able to do anything about Cavaliers in pet stores. Someone who is uneducated about the world of puppy mills will most likely buy these pups and deal with health issues for the rest of their little lives. It's a pity selling dogs in a pet store is legal but sadly it is. As Karlin has said, about the only thing you can do is let the store know how repugnant you find their selling dogs and that you will not patronize their store and will advise others to do the same. Again, sadly, this will probably have no effect. I just hate seeing any dogs in a pet store. The employees will tell any story they can about how these dogs came from a responsible breeder, etc etc...but we know the truth and it is up to us to educate others.