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3rd January 2009, 04:13 AM
This announcement was on their site. Their funding is way down :(

We are really struggling to keep going. Our donations this Christmas was down 70% and as you know, the cost of electricity etc is not. All our kennels are heated during the winter and many of the dogs we take in have complications when neutering due to them being ex breeding bitches. We also have a lot of dogs with hernias, cataracts and other costly operations. The VAT man also takes a chunk so now we are reluctantly having to put up our adoption fee for dogs to £150 for those at the centre and £160 for those in foster. This increase will start from 1st January 2009. We are truly sorry but 99% of our dogs cost us more than the adoption fee and it is only because of the Friends of Many Tears and our other supporters that we survive.