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3rd January 2009, 09:44 PM
This is Ben, who is totally ignoring the lovely new treat ball I got him for Christmas, he wasn't the least bit interested.
I put some small biscuits and his favourite meat (chopped pork) in it, but once the meat was gone he never touched it again :) He is the only cocker I know who is not interested in toys or treats.

3rd January 2009, 11:44 PM
haha! It figures.

My malamute mix NEVER plays with toys, fetches, or anything. I posted photos under the puppy pics section in the threat "Birdie Little Bandit" and she is actually running to me with a BALL in her mouth! My jaw hit the floor. She is 6 yrs. old and this is the first toy she has ever picked up. I threw it for her after she got to me, and she looked at it with this totally bored expression. I think she only grabbed it and brought it to me to make Lad (the collie) jealous. When my kids saw the photo of her with the ball in her mouth, they all went "OH MY GOSH!"

4th January 2009, 12:12 AM
That photo made me laugh :lol:

My brother cocker is not a great toy lover. But she does has her favourite ones. One is a toy eeyore she nicked while going through a false pregnancy and became her baby.

The other is a green pointy thing (can’t thing of another way to describe it ) the green pointy thing cause all manor of problems when SiânE is around and so has to be hidden. Apparently, the green pointy thing is like a dummy to her and she carries it around after having her food. But if you took the toy over the park for her to play with she takes no notice of it.

Funny thing is with the green pointy thing is I had it for years, was given to me after someone pet had died and every dog I tried it with would not play with it but for some reason Cassie loves it (a bit too much).

So perhaps there is a toy out there waiting for Ben to fall in love with?;)