View Full Version : Disposable Dogs?

5th January 2009, 05:35 PM
I was just having a ganders on a particular website that is well known in Ireland for having lots of ads for dogs and pups for sale. I dont know why I do it really because I just end up upset and annoyed.

In the past 24 hours there have been 3 ads put up for adult cavaliers for sale. There are 2 males both must be ex breeding dogs because the ads say 'not neutered' as if thats a great thing and a 4 and a half year old female 'priced to sell'. Who has a pet for over 4 years and then just looks to gain money like that. If it was a genuine reason then surely it would be better to look for the best home for the dog but these ads make it seem as if the first person to come up with €200 can have these dogs never mind who it is :(

What is wrong with these people. Sorry for going on, I know this is a well covered topic on here but its just so frustrating to see people go on as if these lovely dogs are just disposable commodities.

5th January 2009, 09:23 PM
I'd say those are all ads where people who have been breeding are trying to sell the dogs for breeding. :( It is indeed very frustrating and you can imagine the health impact on the breed of all this casual, backyard breeding. :mad: