View Full Version : Poor Bab's - Strict diet from now on!!!

9th January 2009, 06:09 PM

Bluebell went to the vet this morning to talk about her possible arthritus. The vet gave her an injection, which she has got to have a series of 4, to help the cartalidge apparently. She is now also taking glucozamine tablets every day. We have to get her weight down, and she is now on Royal canin light, got to give her 70g a day (35g in am and 35g in pm), which really doesn't look much in her bowl! she is not to have any treats, no bonios/tripe sticks etc. As a treat i will give her a carrot stick and her usual dentastix.

How many grams of food do you all feed? maybe 35g is the norm, just didn't look very much to me. But i will stick at it, as its whats best for bluebell.

9th January 2009, 07:01 PM
SiânE being a diabetic is on a strict diet as well.

She is fed burns high oats and as she weights in at natural 12kgs, so the amount she gets is 100gms spilt into two meals to maintain her weight.

She also gets a treat after her injections as well.