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12th January 2009, 07:23 PM
Hi Everyone,
We are at our wits end with Ruby & Evie, they are refusing to eat their food (Royal Cannin Cavalier Mix). We have tried them on several different dry foods most of which they would not even lick!:bang: We did start cooking up turkey mince for on top of their dry food but decided as they were being funny about eating their food we would stop that and just give them the dried stuff.
Their typical day includes 3 homemade biscuit bones for breakfast, another 3 for lunch and then the royal cannin at night. However they have refused their dinner for 3 or 4 days in a row, so we gave them less bones in order to make them hungry enough to eat their dinner....didn't work though....all it did was make them loose weight, I could feel every bit of Evie's spine and Ruby wasn't too bad but she is chunkier than Evie.
They finally ate their dinner last night but only because mum put the left over gravy from the Lamb Stew we had the day before on it.
They have tried Burns, James Wellbeloved, Iams, Eukanbanka and Hills before they stayed on the Hills for about 6 months but then wouldnt touch it. They refuse to touch the other ones.
What can I do to get them eating properly again? I'm getting so worried!
They are both quite happy, play all the time, love their walks in the park, love their cuddles and are basically good as gold except for the fact they wont eat their food!:bang:
Any Ideas/Advice would be great!!!

Brian M
12th January 2009, 08:38 PM

Read todays post titled Help My Baby wont Eat ,all will be revealed.:)

12th January 2009, 08:53 PM

Also: that sounds like a LOT of food. :eek: My guess is you are simply overfeeding and these dogs are just not eating after they are full on their midday pile of biscuits! How large are these dogs? Unless those biscuits are absolutely TINY -- meaning maybe two cm or an inch long -- six a day PLUS their meal is way too much food unless these dogs are springer spaniel sized!! Also as they are over 6 months they should not be getting three meals a day anyway -- either two or just one is fine and they are telling you that themselves by not being interested in more food again at night.

Probably they are just totally full by the time they have had all those biscuits. Dogs under one are pretty good at regulating what they want to eat. Please read the Roycroftcavaliers.com link I have on the post Brian refers to above as that gives excellent guidance on what and when and how to feed cavaliers.

I'd feed them only the kibble from now on, as their meal, and maybe offer ONE homemade biscuit a day before bedtime as a treat -- cut out all those other biscuits.