View Full Version : Chloe isn't eating like normal

15th January 2009, 03:00 PM
Chloe has eaten the same food since she was a puppy when I first got her (Merrick's Puppy Plate). For the past 2 months I have changed how much she eats. Instead of 3 times a day, I only feed her 2 times a day. She is almost 8 1/2 months now. So I think that is normal feeding habits. At 7:30am she gets 1/2 cup of dog food. At 12 noon she gets a treat. At 5pm she gets 1/2 cup of dog food. Is this to much? The past 2 weeks she doesn't eat it all at once like normal. She will eat half then go back later and eat the rest. Or like this morning. She didn't even touch her food. Its weird she isn't eating like normal. She used to eat all her food and act like she is still starving, but here recently that isn't the case. Is she just growing up and doesn't need to eat as much? Or do you think something else is wrong? Please help, in need of advice. Thank you!

16th January 2009, 11:06 PM
Check out the two very recent threads in this section on feeding as that's basically probably your answer. Don't leave the food down for her to return t that sets her up to get picky and to have bad eating habits -- give her 10-15 minutes to eat then lift the food and don't give it again til the next scheduled feeding time.

Also a cup of food can be too much especially if she is also getting a treat (a lot of store treats are huge for a cavalier -- practically half a meal on their own). How much you need to feed depends on your dog's individual metabolism etc -- not their size or what it says on packages and there is no 'average' really. None of my four eats as much as a cup a day and two only get about 1/3rd cup in total daily plus a treat a bedtime.

If a dog's eating habits remain odd then it is always wise to consult a vet.