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17th January 2009, 07:05 PM
Im sorry I wasn't sure where to post this? I hope its in the right place please forgive me if it isn't, and I also wanna say hi again Ive not been on in a while and love to all and their cav babies.
My 4 year old Cavalier Rosie is kinda getting a little obsessed with licking 0_0, She has always been a very kissy gal but she has stared to get all panicy over it.
We get into bed and night and she cannot sleep till she has washed my arms or legs and she will not stop, Even if my partner has been cuddling her until the early hours and he moves she comes over and has to lick me until she can sleep which wakes me up and makes me grumpy rofl.
I mean I don't mind but I don't want her getting hot or thirsty but she insists, I know some people see dogs kisses/licks as gross but it never really worried me as I know she is only showing affection.
I have thought about it and its almost like she thinks im her baby lol If I cry she flys over and licks my tears and panics, she follows me everywhere and she gets real upset when I leave her which I have been working on.
I know this isn't a really bad thing for her to be doing but I wondered does anyone else's babies do this?
Shes a little angel and I love her so much but I wish I understood a little more what she was thinking and why she kinda seems to see this as her *duty* to me 0_o

Thanks guys *hugs*

Cathy Moon
17th January 2009, 09:36 PM
She sure is cute! My three lick a little bit when they're showing affection, usually when we come home, or when they wake up.

I don't know if they would lick obsessively or for a long time, because after just a few licks I encourage other behavior such as getting a tummy rub or letting them sniff my shopping bags, etc. My three sleep in our bedroom but not on our bed, so I don't know if they would try to lick for a long time.

If her licking bothers you, you could discourage it in a kind way by giving her something to chew on (bully stick, cow ear, lamb ear) or a toy to play with. Another way to discourage it passively is to let her sleep in a crate in your bedroom rather than in your bed. Since she has the licking habit, I would definitely offer her a few chews and toys to choose from in her crate so she has something to do to calm herself and fall asleep.

17th January 2009, 09:54 PM
Lady is such a licker also, not as much as your little girl but alot more than any dog I ever owned. I know sometimes it can be annoying when it gets excessive but thats just their personality, they are very loving. I wouldnt worry about it if you are, I dont think its anything to do with her health. Distraction seems to be the best technique for me also, especially when she tries to lick my face which I try to discourage.

BTW your little girl is one of the cutest tri's i ever saw, she is just beautiful

17th January 2009, 10:23 PM
Aww ty guys, she is my little angel, she was the runt in her litter and no one wanted her :( So she was offered to us and Im so lucky to have her.
Im only worried that she is licking as she is lacking in something? thank you I guess im over worrying as I always do with my babies!
Thanks all xxx