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17th January 2009, 10:33 PM
Hey, Kaytee is 9, shes a poorly little girl she has IBD, Herat murmur, Syringomyelia, Elongated soft palled and dry eye :(
For the last few months I began to notice how loose the knee joints were becoming on kaytee, I spend a LOT of time with her, In a way I guess I over worry because of all she has been through and I notice things so easy, As the knees werent bothering her at all I just thought Id see how it went.
Well over the past few days she has been crying out in pain with them :( I picked her up yesterday and as her back legs were against my chest they must have gone at a funny angle as she screamed out, I placed her on the floor carefully and she couldn't put weight on her back leg, I very carefully felt the knee joint and helped it slide back in.
I have dealt with slippy knees in the past as my rosie suffered badly with them when she was a pup but thankfully hers seem to have settled, but now kaytee seems to be suffering :(
I will take kaytee to the vets as soon as I can and see what he has to say about her knees, I feel so sorry for her I have painful knees that I suffer with but for the poor little angels to slip out dont bare thinking about.
Do any of your cavaliers suffer with this too? could you recommend any herbal treatments at all that I could try?
Thanks take care xxx

17th January 2009, 10:51 PM
this sounds like it's her patella (knee cap) that's slipping, which is more common in small breeds because the groove on the femur that it sits in isn't deep enough. The only "cure" I know of is an operation to deepen the groove. This doesn't always give good results though. And looking at the other health problems your little baby has I'm not sure you'd want to put her through the stress of an operation and general anaesthetic.

I'd talk things over with your vet. I can't think of any supplements that may help, but maybe an animal physiotherapist could do something? I guess I'm thinking along the lines of manipulation/ massage or even some sort of support/strapping to hold it in place? I'm not sure if there is such a thing, just thinking out loud. :)