View Full Version : Just got this lovely photo of my girls...

20th January 2009, 01:43 PM
Well actually it´s not a photo but a digital-painting made from a photo...:)
it´s from an artist and cavalierlover in Norway...I love it and chose to use it as my frontpage pic on my homepage:)

The other pics are of Kia who is growing like mad theese days...:)
http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2091/80/75/1626031816/n1626031816_117099_8813.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=117095&id=1626031816)
http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2091/80/75/1626031816/n1626031816_117098_7492.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=117095&id=1626031816)
http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2091/80/75/1626031816/n1626031816_117093_1064.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=117095&id=1626031816)
hope you enjoyed them ;)

20th January 2009, 01:45 PM
They are beautiful. I especially like the first one :)

20th January 2009, 02:08 PM
Really beautiful photos, I like the first one best as well:)

20th January 2009, 02:37 PM
wow they are both stunning.. and yes they grow up too fast.. I know :(

lady and amber
20th January 2009, 05:34 PM
They are beautiful :lotsaluv:

20th January 2009, 07:49 PM
You have got two very beautiful girls.:lotsaluv:
As always, lovely pictures.

Mom of Jato
20th January 2009, 08:19 PM
Your photos are always amazing!!! You are blessed with two beautiful girls. :)

20th January 2009, 09:08 PM
I have already commented on face book about this picture, but as its sooo lovely I have to say how beautiful the girls are again:)

Elaine 2
20th January 2009, 11:14 PM
They're 2 beautiful girls, lovely photo's

20th January 2009, 11:22 PM
Really stunning pictures..you have two beautiful girls!

21st January 2009, 04:01 AM
Your girls are lovely, and the photos are really beautiful.

21st January 2009, 10:31 AM
Fab pics!:lotsaluv:

21st January 2009, 10:38 AM
wow,another good pic.I allways look at your pics.These are fantastic .