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Brian M
24th January 2009, 09:49 PM

Been reading ici-cavs smashing website (sorry I didn't leave a note as a guest a bit unsure how to ) and she says she adds Solidgolds Seameal to her Cavs food ,so do members recommend it and does anybody know where to get it in the UK ,I add Keepers Mix is it similar .
Out with the girls today and now in the car (Honda CRV ) in the back I have a big double crate that virtually fills the boot and the three girls have more than enough room together in there ,they even have room to each stretch out but when I lift the back open (it opens up like a hatch back ) people passing always stop and look and this morning some chap stopped and the usual Do you breed them ,no says I then he says my brother has one but its got that SM thingy and the vets said its gonna cost a £1000 but hes insured .It happened outside the pet shop that gets my Burns for me so back inside we went and the only two things I could think of telling him was to ensure the insurance is cover for life but that may be too late and the other was I gave him a note with our website on and to join and ask guidance from all you expert members as I am sure with the likes of Margaret C and Karlin there can be no better place to come to as we have two of the UKs if not the worlds formost experts are here ready and more than able to help.
Then in the afternoon we met a guy who was walking / pulling a seven week Boxer pup behind him ,so we had to stop and suggest that if hes had his injections he should really allow 2-3 weeks after the second injection before allowing him out and seven weeks is much to early for walks and to let his bones develop then slowly build his walks up.It seems now every weekend I recommend this website to Cavalier owners I meet on walks and tell all that the people on here offer a wealth of fun,friendship and a huge fountain of knowledge, but that it gets so addictive.

24th January 2009, 10:05 PM
Check out solid gold website.


25th January 2009, 02:37 PM
Hi there, would you mind if I ask what you mean about life insurance.
I have insurance for my Flossie but I just pay every year, sometimes I have used a different insurer depnding on price quotes. Thanks

Brian M
25th January 2009, 03:55 PM
Hi izzycan

There are loads of posts about pet insurance for both the UK and USA but in essence what cover for life means is that provided your pet has no history of say heart problems when you claim for that particular problem you are covered for the life time of that pet up to a large amount of monies ,so you are not limited to 12 months or £1000 for example.In the UK my Cavs and cats are with AXA ,Petplan are another but vastly more expensive ,and with the history of Cavs with MVD and SM this type of insurance cover is essential ,have a search for recent posts there are loads. :)

30th January 2009, 05:02 AM
Thank Brian, better safe than sorry.