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25th January 2009, 11:34 AM
While at the vets last week, we met a couple with a cavalier who was 13 yrs old, we had a long wait , the vet was running late which did not help Jasper, he hates the vets, as soon as we get through the door he can`t wait to get out, so it was good for him when this cavalier appeared, we started chatting and their dog has been on heart tablets for 4 yrs, he actually looked quite healthy, although they said he was`nt fussed on walks anymore, he was quite big and they actually asked if ours was a cavalier as he has such a small head, we thought 13 was a good age for any dog really especially a cavalier not that I know too much about it as this is our first dog.

chopsuey 47
25th January 2009, 01:15 PM
Hi there

Thats a good story especially for me as my Luka was diagnosed last week with a heart murmur. He is only 2.5 and I know he may advance quicker because of the early onset, but my cardiologist was pretty vague about how long a dog could carry on once on meds. She said possibly a year but she has known some who dont respond to treatment and dont live long at all. I have gained a bit more optimism from other site users and though noone can give me guarantee at least I can have a bit of hope.

Are you enjoying your dog we most certainly are despite this health worry. You couldnt ask for a better companion than a Cavalier. If we get another I will be much more dilligent over my choice of breeder, thanks to the info I have gleaned here. However I am so glad Lukas in our family even if its not for as lond as we would hope for. Even a full life span is not enough.

My three children think its funny the amount of time a look at the site. I think its a bit rich especially as they are equally obsesed with Facebook, You Tube etc. They think I am past surfing! Lol

Best Wishes


25th January 2009, 01:30 PM
Hi Chopsuey. I thought I would post this as it does give others hope, including myself , Jasper has a heart murmur, they found it 18 months ago, but he now coughing, so he is off to have an xray, teeth cleaned next week, it is a worry , I always knew cavaliers suffered with murmurs as I bought a book before we got him, he seemed to have a good breeder, she said she did not inter breed, I would`nt know where to start to get a cav now with the SM.

chopsuey 47
25th January 2009, 06:25 PM
How old is Jasper. Have you had a cardiologist scan him. I wondered how bad the murmur has to be before the coughing starts. I suppose meds are your next step.

Is the teeth cleaning a precaution due to the heart. I did read somewhere about it causing some kind of heart problem. Not a murmur though- endocarditis I think. Or is it because he will be sedated anyway.


P.s In case your wonderinh Chopsuey is the nickname my beat friend gave me and its stuck!

chopsuey 47
25th January 2009, 06:26 PM
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25th January 2009, 07:14 PM
Hi Sue,

Jasper will be 9 in March, he will have an xray, but because his teeth are quite bad and apparently the bacteria can cause problems to the heart and he also has a cyst they will knock him out. He only likes small bite mixer with his food, we tried him on dried food but he would`nt eat it, so I suppose this is why his teeth have got bad, his murmur was a grade 3 in October, but because he was making a funny noise recently which we thought was a cough we took him to vets last week, the vet said more like grade 4 murmur, it was a lot to take in as he has always had good health, I suppose meds will be the next step, will find out more next thursday.

Regards Pam - mum to Jasper