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Brian M
28th January 2009, 04:04 PM

Just reading Chloes post about name change ,so of course it leads me to ask members why did you pick the name you did for your Cavalier/s.:)

28th January 2009, 04:11 PM
shih tzu Winston because he looks distinguished--all he needs is a cigar and coat--lol

Bentley--wanted something english and distinguished--fits him

Abbey--again wanted something english which it definitely is and it fits her also

Chelsea--she had that name--didn't really care for it--was thinking about changing it to fergie as again the english deal BUT in her four days with us now it fits her and has grown on us. Fergie doesn't seem right now.

now our cavs are:

A bbey
B entley
C helsea

How strange is that considering the last one was named already.

28th January 2009, 04:12 PM
Cody is named for the manager of the Kilkenny Hurling team. Abigail (Abby) because it was close enough to Ruby, her original name. Jasmine was already named. Gavin's name was picked because I wanted a fairly common boys name just to pee people off, it's funny how many total strangers take offence at dogs with 'people' names :D

Jan Bell
28th January 2009, 04:16 PM
When I was young my family always had rescue dogs which came ready named, but I always had names I thought I would like for a dog of my own.

Graham and I didn't get a dog until I started working part time - Becky, our much loved late Welsh Springer, who was named after Graham's favourite beer at the time, Becks.

Toby was just a name I always liked so I was determined to get my way on this one, though Graham sometimes claims it was another Beer connection (Toby Bass!).

We had a long list of possible names by the time Rufus came along - talk about child substitutes! Rufus was our joint favourite, though we have several others up our sleeves. Just need a few more Cavaliers........

28th January 2009, 04:17 PM
For my very first Cavalier a black and tan girl I went to the local library and read a couple of children's name books without success, then inside the back cover of one it had a list of Irish names that it said were no longer popular (at that time anyway) and I found Ciara which I had never heard of which meant "dark one" in Irish Gallic. That was it! no other name would do as her mother was called neisia (neesha) which the breeder said also meant dark one in Scots Gallic.

28th January 2009, 04:17 PM
Gus------ was named already as he was 16 weeks when I got him. We thought of changing it but it seemed to suit him...he also answers to Gussy!

Pippin------ we named him before we even saw him it was from the hobbit in Lord of the Rings and funnily enough he is a tiny little guy...he also answers to Pippy,Pip,Pipster!

DJ ----- He was a rescue who already had his name and it really suits him...He will also answer to deeg!

They all answer to dinner or biscuit!!!

28th January 2009, 04:21 PM
Hi, well when my children were little there used to be a saturday morning kids programme with two presenters and a tri colour cavalier always on the show with them, who`s name was Jasper and as it was my daughter that started the ball rolling with us getting a cavalier because they did a project at school and a friend had a cavalier and she kept coming home and saying how lovely this dog was and she and her brother remembered this dog on this show they chose the name.

Jan Bell
28th January 2009, 04:23 PM
tri colour cavalier always on the show with them, who`s name was Jasper

My friend's son always used to call Toby Jasper, because he got confused with the tri colour on the TV show! He was only 5 at the time.

28th January 2009, 04:28 PM
My two I have now were already names when I got them.

I had a Cavalier a few years ago and we named him Wolverine. My OH thought it would be funny to give a big scary name to a little adorable dog :confused::confused::confused: It just stuck! I wanted to name him Harry Potter :p

I have the name Molly picked if I ever get another one that I can name myself.

Love my Cavaliers
28th January 2009, 04:58 PM
Oliver got his name because he had big jowls that reminded me of my grandfather (first name Oliver).

Riley was named Celeste by the breeder which we didn't care for so on the car ride home with her my daughter came up with Kiley. That seemed a little harsh for her so we went through the alphabet replacing the first K with every other letter and stopped when we got to R -and Riley it was. She's mostly called Ry-Ry.

Madison was named Sushi by the breeder - didn't like that name either. Her grandmother's name was Madeline and the breeder said she looked a lot like her. My niece's name is Madeline, so we chose one that was close and came up with Madison.

Oz's real name is Oz, the Great and Powerful Weiner Dog. When we first had a dog we had a german shepherd who was my husband's love. When she was getting old we got Oliver and then Riley and then Madison. Howard always called them weiner dogs because they were so small in comparison to the shepherd. It took a lot of convincing to get the fourth dog. He finally relented but said I had to include weiner dog in the name, and promise to introduce him that way. I agreed and Oz, the Great and Powerful Weiner Dog was ours. I did introduce him that way for the first couple of months. People loved it!

28th January 2009, 05:47 PM
When we got our first Cavalier, we didn't have any names picked out. We went to the breeders house to adopt a 3 YO tri named Lucy, but at the door she changed her mind and offered a puppy instead! Bait and switch??? I think so! Anyway, we took her home and stopped at a McDonalds to let her out to pee. While she was roaming around, the name Casey just hit me and it seemed to fit and both of us liked it.

One of my favorite websites for kids clothes is Ollie Bollen, so when we got our second, we named him Ollie b/c I love that name. It's quirky and cute, just like him.

Our newest rescue, Pepper, came with the name. We're still trying to decide what to do, but our SON came up with Winston as soon as he saw Pepper. If you haven't seen Winston on You Tube, he is a blen Cavalier that is video'd doing all sorts of funny stuff. Well, Owen and I watch him all the time so he thinks Pepper IS Winston, and hence the proposed name. Problem is, neither name really fits him!

28th January 2009, 05:54 PM
Bailey- chosen after much research on th internet and because of my mams fondness for the liquor

Holly- She was a christmas present so it seemed fitting, however she was called Pippa for about three hours

In the past I've had a cat named Muffin, two hamsters Kenzie and Biscuit and a budgie called Russell!

28th January 2009, 06:24 PM
Fjalar and Molder were named by their breeders so they had both already names in the pedigree when I got them and I didn't change it.

I named Mirra myself, her breeder offered me to decide her pedigree name and I just think Mirra is so cute name :)

28th January 2009, 06:54 PM
Izzie was actually the only name that my partner and I could agree on. We hadn't fully decided it until having her for about 2 days and calling her all sorts.
We got it from 2 things, really. The first is Isobel Stevens in Grey's Anatomy, since we love her. And the second was Isobella Swan from Twilight.

28th January 2009, 07:27 PM
Kendall is named after Henry W. Kendall, the Nobel Prize winning physicist. We picked Kendall because it sounded good as it rolls off the tongue and it sounded like it could be a girl's name.

All of our pets either have been or are named after physicists. Our first cat was Dinger - Schroedinger. Our current cats are named Heimey - Oppenheimer - and Rico - Enrico Fermi.

It all started with Dinger, which was kind of a joke based on Schroedinger's cat. Most people didn't get it, but those who did thought it was pretty funny. We've just kept up the tradition with the rest of our pets.

heather r
28th January 2009, 07:45 PM
When we were searching for a name for our now almost 7 month old cavalier, we at first wanted something associated with Cape Cod where we live.

Our breeder didn't care for out cutesy cape names so we went with a Mass. name Abigail Adams. Most of the time she is Abigail but when I really want her attention sheis Abigail Adams.

Funny how many Abby's there are in this thread.

Heather R:dogwlk:

28th January 2009, 08:05 PM
Dougal we named to reflect his Scottish roots!! Also Alison who put us in touch with the breeders liked it. I have to say it fits him to a tee!!

Tandie we named because she was a ruby, and it meant 'fire' in norse, or something like that anyway!

Dora was pre-named... we weren't sure about it, but she knew it so well, and it really suits her actually

28th January 2009, 08:16 PM
Kosmo is named after the fairly odd parent Fairy - he's SOOOO funny just like our Kosmo :lol:

Faithey is named after her mommy who was still in the puppy mill :( Thank God, she's out now, and her "new" name is Hope :) I had "Faith" when I got her and the more time went on, I realized it fit her to a T :)

28th January 2009, 09:06 PM
Well... as we already had a Westie who we'd named Lily (as in Lily White) i thought it might be nice to go colour-related again with our new addittion...

so i sat and tried to figure out what would go colour-wise with a blenheim, and then, it came to me - mix the white and ruby together and it may just look the same colour as a glass of Baileys! and i am a big fan of the drink, so that was that... Bailey was named!

28th January 2009, 09:27 PM
What a great thread, and great stories...

I almost named Ilsa Cosette, for the character in les miserables, she was such a tiny puppy, with big waif eyes.

I was watching Casablanca, and Ingrid Bergman's character was named Ilsa,
I bought her in Paris and "we'll always have Paris" and Ilsa also is breathtakingly beautiful, elegant and regal.

I said Ilsa and she ran to me and kissed me and she was named.
It really suits her, only alot of people confuse it for Elsa, that long since stopped bothering me.

Jen and Ilsa

Brian M
28th January 2009, 09:33 PM
And a great big thanks to all and what fascinating stories people tell ,its absolutely to me amazing the variance in how members decide on the names they do .
I think the most strange one is gsthmer and the fascination with physicists and if they get another as I have previously mentioned our Steve my baby brother is an Astro Physicist so could you name your next one after him ,his website link is below and its fascinating reading if you like reading about The evolution of the Univers and the big bang theory






Happy reading cos I dont understand a thing ,but Drake or SAD (his initials ) or even NASA could be a thought for a name

Kind Regards pls

And could we have more replies pls on way that name for your Cav

28th January 2009, 09:47 PM
My collie is called Kez short for kestel as she was going to take me to the top in obedience and agility she did do really well but not the top
The cavs are
Jasmine- just cos i liked it
Emily- already named
Misty- already named
Pip- he was tiny went to the vets to be pts as he was so small and the rest of the litter had already gone
Havoc- thats what she causes
Folly was 8yrs and no name and i shouldnt have kept her so she is my folly
Roger- 9yrs when i got him and no name and as he was a stud dog at a puppy farm think thats what he spent most of his time doing.He wasn't going to stay so it was a temporary name but as he is brain damaged possible from being put through sheep dip he would be really difficult to home and i love him now so isn't going anywhere

28th January 2009, 10:11 PM
All my dogs over the years came with their names. Sometimes we added bits on to their names. Like Suzy became Suzy Wong, Siân became SiânE. The only one that got shorten was Dizzy, because being a typical Yorkshire terrorist, you only got to shout DIZ when trying to stop her doing something naughty.

When I went to pick Siân up, her name was engraved on her collar and it suited her so well. The only thing we did was add the E at the end as everyone including the vet staff called her SiânE. She answers to both Siân and SiânE

When people ask me what Siân means, I tell them its Welsh and means Jane. They always say ' yep she looks like a Jane'

28th January 2009, 10:14 PM
Hi , My 2 girls were already named when we got them Nifa 6 months and Heidi 9 months .
Heidi had been returned to her breeder at 8and a half months as her teeth grew back crooked and she couldnt be shown she had already had her name changed from Annie to Heidi so we felt she couldnt have another new name .
Nifa ( we thought it was Naofa meaning saint in Irish ) just suited her and she knew her name and answered to it .
Rua our ruby rescue boy , his name was Charlie before he came , ( my aunts dog is charlie also so to save confusion he got a new name .
Ruari meaning red king in Irish . Rua for short .

28th January 2009, 10:30 PM
when I was very young I had a cavalier called Scarlett (named after Gone With The Wind, a book my gran loved) so when I got a blenheim that looked very like her I named her Scarlett the second! apparently when I was young I couldn't say her name so I called her Salad so as a joke a lot of people in my family now call my dog salad!

team bella
28th January 2009, 10:57 PM
By the time I got Bella I'd been through the alphabet !!! I had a list of names as long as your arm. The name Ruby was my fav but as Bella was a Ruby I though that would be silly. Anyway I think she suits Bella and my husband's old Auntie thinks she's named after her. Thank god the dog doesn't look like her, so its a win win :rah:

28th January 2009, 11:20 PM
Rosie is actually called Roswitha (pronounced Rosita). Roswitha is her pedigree name which my sister kept when she got her at 8 months old.

Nearly two years ago, Rosie came to live with me (she turned 4 yesterday) and I shortened it to Rosie much to my sister's chagrin!!! My sister, her kids and my mum still call her Roswitha. It only took my family over 30 years to stop calling me Sarah-Jane (which I shortened to Sarah when I was at junior school), so maybe there's hope yet they will call her Rosie! Fortunately, she answers to both (most of the time!).

29th January 2009, 01:03 AM
Kaya, the malamute mix means "little sister" in native american. She's not so little anymore at 100 lbs.

Our collie is Lad/Laddie (he answers to both) after the dog from Albert P. Terhune's wonderful old books (Lad a Dog, Lad of Sunnybank, etc) about his Sunnybank collies. He also is a descendant of the Sunnybank collies!

Pixie was the name that my children came up with and all agreed on for our first cavalier. When 3 children agree on something, who argues with that?

Bandit was the name of my childhood dog, a cocker spaniel mix, and my kids wanted to honor him by naming our current Bandit after him. It fits him, too, because he is such a little Bandit!

Lizzie is short for Elizabeth, and that is just so very royal and english (the queen and all), so we thought that it fit our little tri girl well.

My wolves were named Shadow, Maicoh, Polar and Keneu.
Shadow was gray and was my shadow most of the time.
Maicoh means "wolf" in native american.
Polar looked like a little white polar bear as a puppy, so Polar stuck.
Keneu means Great war Eagle. My ex picked that name. I dunno.

I just read back and realized that this was supposed to just be cav's names! Sorry!

29th January 2009, 01:25 AM
I found Ciara which I had never heard of which meant "dark one" in Irish Gallic.

That is what I named my Irish Setter - I wanted an Irish name and loved the sound of it - still do!

For Mika, I wanted something that reflected her heritage, but after a search through country-specific baby name books, nothing clicked, so we moved on to Ukrainian names (our heritage) - sill nothing clicked. For some reason we then went to Japanese names. I loved the sound of Mika and found it means, "New Moon". We was born on a new moon and we picked her up on during a new moon, so it was perfect!

Brenda in SC
29th January 2009, 02:01 AM
We got Rudy just before the Christmas holiday. Named after Rudolf (the red-nosed reindeer).

29th January 2009, 06:44 AM
Starting with my first cat (gone now), Candy was a Tonkanese copy from her brother called Snickers. She looked like a candy bar, chocolate covered caramel with vanilla center.

Tyson, another Tonk climbed under the frig the first week I got him and I wanted to 'tie me up in a knot'.

Kara, had orange eyes as a kitten and reminded me of carrots. More yellow now.

Chelsea, just liked her name.

Vivian or Vivie as it matched her personality. Loud, pushy, dark, charge, and plays rough (hangs on Chelsea's ears).

29th January 2009, 09:11 AM
Sparky was already named by his breeder - I was going to change it to either Jaspar or Paddy but seeing as he's wired Sparky suited him much better so we kept that!

Cassie (my JRT) was bred by a friend, both doggie parents were pub dogs so my friend 'briefly' named the pups after drinks - Cassie was 'Cassis' so we just changed it slightly to Cassie.

29th January 2009, 06:14 PM
Okay, this fun -- and I need some!

Buddy, our Cavalier, was named by my special needs brother, to whom he really belongs (but do not tell Buddy who is under my feet whenever I am home!!). Michael has called every dog we have ever had "Buddy" so I told him he could name this one "Buddy" but he had to start calling the other dogs by their correct names! So Buddy it was, but over the course of three and a half years, it has morphed into Bud-Bud or Bud-Boy!!

Hadley, our four year old Clumber, had her named inspired by the road on which her breeder lived. I was thinking of "H" names and the breeder lived on Hadley Road. As soon as I focused on it, I knew it was right. Hadley is the name of Ernest Hemingway's first wife and also a pottery made in Louisville. I love her name and it suits her to to a "t" !

Katy, our new Clumber puppy, was named by the eight year old daughter of friends of the breeder. This little girl had a brain tumor last year and the breeder (with a long story behind it) let her pick names for this litter. She named the little girl we now have after herself! While it is not a name I would have picked, there is no way I would change it. To personalize it for us, we did change it to Katydid, but we are mostly calling her Katy or Miss Did (and I have a feeling the Miss Did -a play on "misdeed" - may stick)!

Registered names are Celtic Touched by an Angel (Katy), Summerstraw Southern Comfort (Hadley) and Lynnsfaire Moonlight Sonata (Buddy) -- Katy's and Hadley's fit -- Buddy's does not!!

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

29th January 2009, 06:44 PM
Simple, to please the kids, I ran through a list of musician's names and let my son chose first. Dylan was named after Bob Dylan. Some time later this wasn't sophisticated enough for my son and he decided that Dylan is named after Dylan Thomas! :rolleyes:

Elaine 2
29th January 2009, 09:55 PM
Cody already had her name when she came to us and as she was 8 years old l wouldn't have changed it, anyway l like it :)

30th January 2009, 01:29 AM
While we were waiting over a year for our first Cavalier, I had, oh, I don't know, maybe 35 names picked out to try. Then, when the big day came, little 6 month old "Darling Dottie" was offered to us by our breeder. The name wouldn't have been my first choice but it suited her, and we decided to keep it. Even though we say "Dottie go potty", or "Naughty Dottie", or Spotty Dottie, etc. :D Now I can't think of her being called anything else!

When we got our foster Claire, we didn't know that we would be keeping her initially, so just kept using her Lucky Star name. Once again, it fit her, we all got used to it, and we kept it. Although we often call her Claire-Bear, or just Bear for short. :)

30th January 2009, 01:03 PM
Merlin was named after the black and tan boy that Joel saw and fell in love with (which meant I was allowed to have a cavalier!) - he is mostly known as Mr Tops (which he will come to), Merls or Mr squarehead (Joels term for him!)

Oakley, was originally going to be Tarka (after the Otter) but it was too girly and he just didn't look like if fitted, so he was going to be Bentley, but that wasn't cool enough for our Oaks so he got Oakley - suits him as he is sooo laid back when he wants

30th January 2009, 03:45 PM
Our first dog already had her name - Jodie - I didn't like it as I kept thinking of Jodie Marsh!!! But now I think its just a perfect name for her and I do love it!

Our second doggy I had a list of around 15 names ready for him and when went to collect him we were going to go through all the names in the car on the way home to see what he looked most like we had the list and all :p He was only teeny tiny and had been dumped without his mammy so we were taking him home at 6 weeks but I'd already a dog from the same rescue so I didn't even see a photo of him before I got him. When we went in to see him I burst into tears he was so gorgeous and I picked him up and he humped my hand while sitting on my lap :eek: I said something like he's a cheeky charlie and that was it - he was called Charlie...we did still go through the list but he was just Charlie, which wasn't even on the list lol

30th January 2009, 04:04 PM
Tanner was named by my mum - and it seemed to suit and still does.

Whiskey is because I wanted one that reminds me of back home in NIreland, and of course Whiskey is brewed there - being blenheim the name also describes his colouring - well in my head it does anyway

30th January 2009, 05:00 PM
When we were driving to go go get Ruby & Evie we decided that whoever had the most red on her bum would get Ruby as their name and the other would get Evie.....thankfully they both really suit their names :jump:
They also answer to Ruby Dooby Doo & Evie Weavy Woo i dont know where or why we call them it but they come when called it lol

Molly was already named and was far to old to have her name changed when we got her.

Charlie my Welsh Springer was named Charlesworth.....no idea why really..he was a little chubster....but very regal looking.

My cat was called Zebedee after the character off the Magic Roundabout because when she was a kitten she used to jump around on her back legs like they were springs....looking like Zebedee. She would also come to Zeb & Zebby.

30th January 2009, 09:25 PM
my monty was named after the stunning champion cavalier.
we often call him don aswell after the gardener,monty don.

chopsuey 47
30th January 2009, 09:27 PM
My kids couldnt agree so I opted to name him after the gorgeous Luka Kovic in ER.


30th January 2009, 10:35 PM
well, let's see... I had always wanted a Charlie so when we got our first Cavalier (Blen), I named him that. Then we got Lucy. Now I was thinking of naming her something else, but my husband thought it would be cute to name her Lucy, like from Charlie Brown. He thought that since she was our tri-color that she'd have long black ears just like Lucy's character in Charlie Brown has long black hair. :)