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31st January 2009, 04:56 PM
So, we adopted Winn last weekend and since we've had him, I have found three cat pees in the house- one on a dog bed, one on the sofa (a BIG pee, not a marking), and one on the guest bed. I have a male and a female cat, both altered.

Obviously one of them is not happy about this. What should I do? I don't know which cat is doing it, and I have no experience with cats not doing their biz in the litter box!!!!! HELP!

31st January 2009, 05:22 PM

I had the exact same problem. After I brought Charlie home, my two cats were not happy at all. One was aggressive towards Charlie and he quickly learned not to get too close to that cat. But my girl was very submissive and let the dog get near her, she just acted out in different ways. She urinated and defecated outside of the litter box. Twice she peed on the dog's bed and other times, she peed and pooped out in the garage (where the litter boxes are kept). I know it was her because I caught her twice doing it.

I think you just need do give it some time. We got Charlie last April and the last time we had an "accident" was maybe a month ago? The incidents grew less and less frequent as more time passed. We are finally reaching a point where there is harmony in the household again. So I can feel your pain. Good luck and I'm hoping your cats get over it quicker than mine did! :xfngr:

31st January 2009, 05:24 PM
I have cats and dogs also - first question - are you sure it is cat urine versus dog urine? Second question - can you confine the cats to one area of the house that the dogs can't get to for a period until they become accustomed to one another?


31st January 2009, 05:36 PM
I am sure it is cat pee- that scent definitely is different than dog pee. The weird thing is, they are all getting along famously. Winn is very reserved and laid back, and he has not even given the cats a second glance.

We have only had Benson the cat for a little over a month now, and he is 8 YO. From day 1, we have wondered how someone could give him up, he is literally perfect in every way. Perhaps this is why! I have a feeling it is him, and maybe the timing of it all coming out just is coincidental with the new dog.

Pebbles (our other cat) we've had since she was a kitten and has been with us over 5 years now, and we have never had an accident.

So, this may be a broader problem of him choosing not to use the box and it has nothing to do with the dog. I'm hoping this will pass! I don't think I can deal with him peeing all over the place. Especially on the furniture!

31st January 2009, 05:37 PM
Well, I guess I should ask you Pat- Winn is 3.5 YO and was just recently neutered through rescue. Is it possible that dog pee CAN smell really strong like cat pee?

Jan Bell
31st January 2009, 06:02 PM
I am sure it is cat pee- that scent definitely is different than dog pee.

Ah, the things pet owners start to become experts on! :rolleyes:

31st January 2009, 07:03 PM
We have had this problem with our Birman cat, Kashi. We have had her for 15 years and after we got Lucy and Lucy started sleeping on our bed, Kashi started peeing and pooping in OUR bed! You can imagine the nightmare that caused. I wish I could tell you how to solve the problem easily. We replaced all the bedding and put a waterproof mattress pad on the mattress and then just started washing everything with bleach as we couldn't afford to replace the bedding over and over again. After awhile, she just finally stopped doing it. She also wouldn't do it every day, just every so often, usually when Lucy had chased her off the bed or bugged her in some way. She hasn't done it now for quite awhile and I was really worried that she would start up again now that we have Charlie, but so far, so good. Sorry, I can't really offer you any advice on how to stop it. I would definitely use Nature's Miracle or some other safe solution that will get rid of the odor, because I do think they like to go back to where they have done it before. In the case of the dog bed, I would wash it in hot water w/ some OxyClean or something to get rid of the smell or just buy a new one all together. If there is a way to keep the cats away from the dog's stuff that might help, but I know the logistics of that w/ cats is never easy. Oh the joys of cats when they get mad....they are capable of true revenge aren't they?

31st January 2009, 07:20 PM
I'm not sure I can tell between dog pee and cat pee as I've not had to deal with cat pee outside of the box often. I took a neighbor's cat to the vet recently, and I later found pee in the crate that I used which was in the basement! I know that the dogs didn't have access so I'm sure that was my cat marking territory. That urine did smell strong, but I know that the urine of intact boys smells stronger than that of neutered boys.

I've joked before with friends that I wish there was a product that one could give an animal to identify their urine so one could identify the culprit.

Again, to identify the offender, maybe you can secure cats in one area so you'll know if it is a cat or dog doing the marking and maybe de-escalate the tension.


1st February 2009, 06:27 PM
We had the cats before we got the dogs. When we first got Remus we had to put the litter boxes in the spare bedroom & put a gate up because he thought the boxes contained snacks. Then we got Loki about 6 months later & now the spare room is officially the cat's room complete with food, beds, litter boxes, cat tree, & cat castle right in front of the window. They come out and tease the dogs into chasing them & run into their room. This is what works for us.

1st February 2009, 07:16 PM

Dear Chloe,

Please log onto this website for help. It can be caused by the cat being stressed, having an addition to family etc.


1st February 2009, 07:57 PM
:xfngr: you find a solution soon:thmbsup: