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31st January 2009, 08:31 PM
Now that we know that Jasper will be on life time medication for his heart I am wondering how the insurance will work out for his medication. We are insured with Pet Plan and have been since he was 9 months old but only had to make 1 small claim about 4 years ago, the vet will send off the initial form, but I don`t know how long term claims work. We have been given 20 Fortekor tablets, they work out at £1 per tablet, would you normally only be given 20 tablets each time or is this because he has only just been put on them?

1st February 2009, 12:12 AM
I don't know if pet insurance in the UK is the same as the US. Even here all the plans are different so you would probably need to read the terms of your contract to find out how and if they cover ongoing medications etc... I have read that pet insurance is much more popular in the UK than in the US and so they may also offer better coverage there than they do here.

1st February 2009, 12:45 AM
Your insurance should pay you back for the pills. They will not however pay you for admin (my vet charges £5 to send a claim to an insurance company) or prescription slips (my vet now charges £10 to write a prescription). I have asked for a 3 month supply of the pills Dylan is on to cut down on these fees. The vet agreed to a 3 month supply and I asked him to write this in Dylan's notes.

I don't have to put the claim in each time I get the pills, or at least that's the case with my insurance company. Each time I renew my policy, I pay an excess for a continuing condition. For example, my policy was renewed this month so the first £50 of this years vet bills will be excluded but anything after that will be refunded. It may be the same for you.

Love my Cavaliers
1st February 2009, 04:07 AM
Jasperpaw - unfortunately I don't have insurance for my dogs so I can't address those issues. However you did have a question about why you were given only 20 pills. It could be that your vet wants to see how Jasper reacts to the medication before giving you a larger supply. There's nothing worse than paying for a lot of pills only to have your dog get no help from them or have a bad reation. During Riley's recovery from decompression surgery for SM her neurologist put her on a normal dose of an anti-sezure medication. She reacted so horribly to it (couldn't walk, stand, or even sit up) and couldn't even tolerate 1/4 of the normal dosage. So the rest of those pills were wasted. But since they had been dispensed to me they couldn't be taken back. So, that could be a reason why you were only given 20 pills at this time.