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2nd February 2009, 12:49 PM
Cinders was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was 5 years old. She is now 9. We were referred to a cardiologist last April and after giving her a scan and other tests he did not feel that any medication was warranted.

However, on our annual check up last week my vet said that the murmur had increased and was now a grade 3/4. He was also quite concerned because there were some changes to the heart rhythm. I also mentioned that Cinders had had a funny turn a few weeks ago whereby she went all stiff and nearly fell over, it only lasted for a couple of seconds.

So it was decided (after much discussion) to put her onto Vetmedin. I noticed on the Health Section on the Forum that this should not be given with food. As she has to have one tablet twice a day and she is fed twice a day, can anyone tell me what is the best time to give it to them? At the moment I am giving it to her just before she has her breakfast and again just before her dinner.

Well she has only been on it for 3 days and its like she's become a young dog again, she started playing with her toys more and has been chasing around with Minnie. I didn't realise how sedentary she had become!

Have got to call the vet back in a weeks time with a progress report and I'm sure some more questions to ask him.

2nd February 2009, 01:26 PM
That`s interesting about Cinders, my dog Jasper is also nearly 9 and was at the vets last week for heart murmur, and was put on Fortekor tablets and Frusemide tablets (water tablet) , he was coughing other than that he still enjoyed his walks, but was lazy in the house, but I just put it down to getting older and being winter and the door closed so he did not wander in and out, but at times he seems more lively, he started his meds on Friday, unless it was the cold winds, thet made him frisky.

2nd February 2009, 02:25 PM
Pimobendan (Vetmedin) should be given one hour before food or two hours after food.

I'm surprised that the vet didn't recommend that you see the cardiologist again for a re-check and a decision on meds made by the cardiologist. If there is a suspected arrhythmia, I'd want to have an electrocardiogram done as arrhythmias can definitely complicate the picture. (Actually I'd also want another echo done since there have been significant changes.) Arrhythmias are usually not present in early or moderate degenerative valve disease. Be on the lookout for fainting (medical term is syncope) if there truly is an arrhythmia present -- that episode that she had earlier may have been pre-syncopal. There is also a possibility that pimobendan can cause certain types of arrhythmias (I can post a link to Dr. Sonya Gordon's paper later).

Pat Beman
Atlanta, GA

2nd February 2009, 03:14 PM
Pat - thank you for that! Yes, I thought he might suggest going to see the cardio but I will be asking him about going to see the cardiologist again when I call him next week with the update (he is away on holiday this week).

Jasperpaw - The vet said that Cinders didn't need water tablets yet as she is not coughing nor could he hear any fluid on her lungs. Its certainly nice seeing her a bit more active and like Jasper she started her medication on Friday.

3rd February 2009, 02:41 PM
I would not accept a prescription of pimobenden (Vetmedin) from a general practice vet. I would go to a cardiologist (or, at least, an internal medicine specialist) for a second opinion before giving my Cavaliers pimo.

Cathy Moon
4th February 2009, 12:08 AM
I agree with Rod. It could actually do more harm than good if started too early. A cardiologist should be consulted.:thmbsup:

My Geordie has grade 4 MVD and his cardiologist hasn't prescribed Vetmedin for him yet. We have another appointment with the cardiologist on Feb. 13, and I will ask him about Vetmedin and when he'll prescribe it for Geordie.