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4th February 2009, 12:27 PM
As I've posted before I started agility with Mindy in the fall as part of her weight loss program and to be around some other dogs after our Retriever died. She seemed to like it so I decided to continue on for another session.

Towards the end of our lesson this week she seemed to be tiring a bit and loosing interest. The instructor decided to have her do a jump and then the tunnel (only the second time she's done two obstacles in a row). She set the jump at eight inches. I put it down to six because as I said I thought she was tired and she will be 11 this week! Anyway when I called her she went over the jump and jumped on TOP of the tunnel (which must have been nearly 2 feet). It was as if to say - silly mum - of course I can jump higher than that:jump::jump:

Daisy's Mom
4th February 2009, 02:22 PM
Ahh, that's cute! Daisy and I took agility this past Fall, for the same reasons you did. There was a little Border Terrier there, who would always want to jump on top of the tunnel and walk all the way to the end, rather than going through it. It was the only obstacle he objected to. It was pretty funny.

Off topic: Daisy was too much of a pill with the other dogs in the class, so I didn't sign up for the next session. Honestly, I don't know what to do with her and her dog reactance. It's getting worse instead of better. Now even if I allow her to approach another dog to sniff, which used to be the cure for the lunging on the leash, now there's about a 50/50 chance that she will sniff for a few seconds and then attack the other dog. I'm about to the point of despair. She even went after our neighbor's cavalier the other day, whom she has met a few times before and was always friendly with. She comes totally unhinged in the presence of other dogs.

I actually think she has a lot of natural talent in agility and it would be great fun to compete, but the proximity to the other dogs during the class just doesn't work with her. If she was alone in the ring during class, like she would be in the competitions, I think she would be a star. The way it is, I didn't dare let her off leash for fear she would break her concentration and run up to the Rottweiler in the other group and get eaten for lunch. The teachers in the class (and in the obedience classes we've taken), always say, "You can't let her do that!" Duh. Like I'm unaware. We've tried everything and I'm very sad because I can't even take her on nice long walks where there will be other dogs. It's embarrassing as all get out, not to mention dangerous!

Sorry to get off topic. When I think about that agility class, I get depressed that we quit, so it was top of mind.

4th February 2009, 05:34 PM
Ahhh - that's too bad. I think Mindy is a natural at agility as well and would have been a star if she had started when she was young. She turns up her nose at all the other dogs in our class (and most dogs she meets in general).

What about taking Daisy to obedience class where she'll be mostly on leash to get her get used to other dogs? My trainer put Mindy and the other small adult dog in a puppy agility class - now I can't remember if was in case the older dogs were grouchy or because puppy's generally aren't - I know she feels that is the best mix when mixing small and large dogs. Sorry if I'm making suggestions that you've already tried but I understand your sadness because we have so much fun.