View Full Version : Does your dog like to eat yellow snow??

6th February 2009, 02:52 PM
This is our first winter ever owning a dog and there are things we are learning, such as pick up that poop immediately or else we have to chip it off the frozen ground with a spade!

During the course of this winter, many many yellow frozen spots have formed in the backyard. Sure they get covered by new snow and then Meenah starts fresh, producing more frozen yellow spots. She has never been "interested" in tucking into her own business, at least not since she was a very young pup when a couple of times she did snap up her own poo. But I've noticed recently that she seem very interested in the yellow spots and I think she's been licking them!! :grnyuk:

When I think she is licking it, I tell her to leave it and she does, but then the next time she goes out, she'll go back to it.

Have any of you noticed this with your cavaliers? Is this just normal doggy behavior? She loves eating ice and every evening after dinner she paws the freezer to ask for an ice cube. So she's in heaven outside with there being snow and ice everywhere!