View Full Version : I'm a Babysitter

8th February 2009, 04:46 AM
Hi all,

I have a new Cavalier Puppy living with me for a while :). She is a Black and Tan, 8 and a half months and loves snuggles her name is Angel. Now let me go into detail... The breeder of Angel has let me take her home for a week or two, to let me build a relationship with her, so i can show her to the best of her/my abilities. She has met my two other puppies (Nosh, a Cattle Dog, 4 months and Ochre, my Basenji, 8 months ;)). Nosh is a bit rough, but, she just runs away and Nosh leaves her alone. Ochre really couldn't care less all she does is sniff her :rolleyes:... She came yesterday 'arvo and at first she was a bit scared and wouldn't stop jumping up on to whoever she was closest to and snuggling under my arm trying to hide from Nosh!!! She is getting on really well and ate all her dinner last night too... Feeling more comfortable already in her new temporary home.:D At the moment she is down in the run playing with Nosh and Ochre. We will se how she goes getting used to our routine...