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9th February 2009, 04:07 PM
Hi there, I've posted on the Introductions about our new rescue Cav, Teddy, we got him 3 weeks ago today from Cavaliers of the NorthEast - he is 4.5 years old, a real little sweetie pie; just for some background, the couple who owned him split up, the wife moved up here and didn't have time for him, turned him into a vet who then turned him into Rescue. He's neutered, and very healthy.

BUT --- the only problem is that he's started marking in the house. The foster only saw him do it once and corrected him and hadn't done it again in the 3 weeks she had him. We caught him twice at the beginning, and it's been okay until just a couple of days ago when he marked twice (the most recently this morning in our bedroom where he (of course) sleeps with us! So we haven't been able to catch him.

I'm wondering if this is typical behavior for his situation, where he's thinking okay, this is MY house now and MY stuff and -- (here's the important part) -- "I" want to be the pack leader cause there's 3 other dogs - one Cav and 2 goldens -- and it's time to get a promotion!

We've never had a rescue before, and never had a male who marked, so do you think this is temporary, or something that we will have to be extra vigilant about for a bit until he settles down? Thanks for any suggestions! Otherwise, he's seems to be adjusting really well and seems so happy (and we are very happy with him!)

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9th February 2009, 04:20 PM
Marking in the home is very typical of dogs in a new environment. Female dogs can do this also. You need to reduce his freedom a bit until he realizes that outdoors he can hit every plant etc... but inside it is forbidden. They make belly bands (some fosters use large disposable diapers around the boys bellies) to help protect your home until he "gets the idea". That way you can watch him and the minute that he seems inclined to mark- you verbally correct him and take him outside-- then praise. I always expect every new dog/ foster to regress when they come here.

9th February 2009, 05:23 PM
Thanks - so with the belly band, if he's wearing it and starts lifting his leg, I get him outside and take the band off - obviously - I'm assuming it's easy to get it off in a hurry? Sorry - I'm a total newbie with this behavior!


9th February 2009, 05:37 PM
Here is a link to some - with pictures.

It just allows the dog to be with you and keep your stuff clean during housetraining.
Yes, they velcro on and come off before they go outside.

9th February 2009, 07:34 PM
Yes, I saw that website when I was googling drying coats! And I saw they have belly bands as well. The rescue coordinator uses and really likes a drying coat that's made out of lycra (www.groomingcoat.com (http://www.groomingcoat.com)), I don't know which would be the best, Teddy's got a thick nice (non-matting!) coat, but looks something awful after the bath. Geordie has such a thin, fine coat, and I think he would benefit from one too.

So off to conquer marking!:thmbsup: