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Giniand Bailey
11th February 2009, 03:13 PM
Hi everyone, just wanted some advice. I am going to be adopting a rescue Cav on Friday, his name is Charlie and iis a 15 month old Tri. I was just wondering on any advice about how to introduce him to my current Cav Bailey? Bailey is very very placid and Charlie is a very energetic dog - I think more then anything my fear is that they will not get on - and I do not want to have to give up Charlie as I am adamant and really want it to be that this is his forever home...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



11th February 2009, 05:47 PM
Is it possible for the dogs to meet first? That way you can see how they respond to each other.

Jen and Ilsa

Giniand Bailey
13th February 2009, 05:42 PM
Thanks so much for your advice. Charlie has arrived today and we already have a few problems, as he is a rescue he has come with some very deep scars from his past...and for some reason does not like men and lunges towards them and bites. My housemate has already been bitten today twice but we are not going to force Charlie into being in any situations which he does not feel confortable...Peter (housemate) is putting nice treats into his crate and this seems to have cured the constant barking at him and then in time we will hopefully introduce him out of the crate...the weird thing is that he was fine when he first met Peter but as soon as he stood up (he's 6 ft 2) he went to bite his legs - obviously something has upset him in the past with tall men possibly?

We will keep working on it! -fingers crossed as he is a lovely little boy :xfngr:

I am going to walk him with Bailey this evening - at present on advise from the behaviourist Bailey is at my parents so that Charlie can just settle in but by the end of the weekend they will be living in the same house. I have been told to muzzle Charlie at first, just to be safe but i hope in time they two boys will become the best of friends - I just have to be patient and keep working on Charlie and try and take away whatever has upset him in his past and show him he has a forever home with me...

Thanks again for your advice and I will keep you posted on the progress

Gini x :)