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Brian M
15th February 2009, 08:47 PM

I have been checking the girls supplements that I add to their food and I am a bit low on a couple of items so I need to order some

Other members must give the same or similar so what do you think ,are they a waste of time and I just add because its a habit or do some or all benefit our Cavaliers and if so which one and how pls.

Keeper Mix
Plaque Off (also use 4 other teeth cleaning products as well I am a bit paranoid about their teeth as I don't want any to need a general anesthetic for a teeth cleaning session)
Wheatgerm Oil
Kelp Seaweed Powder

Just that lot for now ,thanks for advice in advance

16th February 2009, 12:34 AM
I give a combination of some things that Vivian's breeder suggested, and what I was using from the vet.
Seameal from Solid Gold
Scorbate also from Solid Gold, but discontinued need to find another brand
of basically vitamin c. Fosters and Smith has one
Missing Link combo of omega oils and vits.

All are powdered and just sprinkle onthe food.