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Hoopys Our Ghirl
16th February 2009, 07:39 PM
girl has been sneezing & I just noticed some watery fluid coming down her nose.

Any ideas? She is eating well & drinking. She is also getting the hang of pee ing & pooping outside!


Love my Cavaliers
16th February 2009, 08:11 PM
One thought could be that she has something stuck in her nose. Last summer, Madison somehow got a piece of grass stuck in her nose. I couldn't see it, but she started having a clear runny nose along with sneezing. After a half day of sneezing, she began sneezing non-stop and started to have bloody sneezes. By the time I got her to the vet, the blade of grass was within reach and the vet pulled it out with forceps. She was perfect afterward - and the sneezing and runny nose stopped immediately.

Hopefully the peeing and pooping outside will continue. Congratulations!

Hoopys Our Ghirl
16th February 2009, 09:14 PM
Thanks Bev!

I have noticed she was sneezing right from the get go, but I only noticed the "fluid" today.

Things are going well with eating, drinking & potty today:xfngr: so far! Sat & Sun were a different thing altogether, poops everywhere! lol

My puppy got kennel cough last year after boarding for 2 days & every little sniffle etc I get so paranoid:eek: