View Full Version : Is there a safe fabric travel crate?

17th February 2009, 01:07 PM
I'm thinking about crating Murphy in the car. He does wear a safety harness, but he barks if he sees other dogs through the window.

Is there a fabric crate that can be strapped to the safety belts at all?

Had a look on Google, but the fabric crates look very big. There was a cat crate that could be strapped for safety in the car, but seemed small for a cavalier.

Advice much appreciated.

Brian M
17th February 2009, 01:46 PM

In the car I have a large double metal crate in the boot that my three girls all fit in fine then in the house they all have their own metal crates they sleep in .Last year we went to Northumberland with the girls for a week and to cut down on luggage I bought three fabric crates for them to sleep in when we got there , but Daisy being Daisy she managed to unzip the crate after 10 mins so of course after that they all joined us on the bed but if you use them in a car in conjunction with a harness and seatbelt they would be fine ,there should be a post of mine about last June about them .

17th February 2009, 01:53 PM
A fabric crate is never safe for transport. Think what would happen on an impact -- a dog can be thrown with such force that it would tear right through the fabric. A dog the size of a cavalier can be thrown forward with *a ton* of force in a collision at 55mph. In the case of the fabric crate breaking free or the car rolling or an impact, the fabric offers absolutely no protection against flying objects, or being crushed. Or to think of it another way -- would you transport a human baby in a fabric container on the back seat? A dog is about the same size and just as vulnerable.

It sounds like the best option for you is to get a sturdy, good quality plastic crate and seatbelt that into place. Make sure it isn't too large.

Dogs should never be transported on a seat that has an airbag either. :thmbsup:

Brian M
17th February 2009, 02:22 PM

The crate I use is a double sized metal one and its in the boot of a Crv behind the bench type back seat and the car is a medium size 4 X 4 and the girls fit in altogether quite comfortably and I have taken the divider out to give them that bit more room ,but as theres three of them in there I cant use a harness on each of them as I tried and of course they soon all got tangled up ,would they be safe as they are or do you have any other ideas regarding safe multiple dog transport .


17th February 2009, 03:43 PM
Many thanks, for your advice both. I was looking at plastic crates for travelling and the metal crates.

I was trying the metal one out for size in the car and the safety belt would be able to restrain it.

I'm just trying to make my mind up about which one to have. The plastic one seemed quite dark inside, but if it is going to be a safer option I would choose it over the metal one. Murphy will go into his metal crate at home, so he is used to that particular kind of crate.

Thanks for the airbag warning Karlin, as I have those in the front. Please advise plastic or metal crates for travelling?

Devoted Mother to Murphy & Dan