View Full Version : Good groomers in Belfast/Co. Antrim?

17th February 2009, 08:39 PM
I usually send my dogs to a lovely woman who grooms as a hobby from her home. She loves the dogs and they love her and she's willing to take the time with them - this is especially important for Holly, who gets stressed and anxious in a commercial grooming situation, particularly when there's a lot of noise/bright light/other dogs.

But... the lady is unfortunately in hospital and likely to be there for some time, so I need an alternative desperately. Holly's coat is fine, but Amber has one of those cottony coats that seem virtually non existent for ages after grooming and then simply explode into knots and mats within literally a couple of weeks. Plus Alanna likes to chew on the knots and this makes them worse! So grooming is rapidly becoming urgent.

Any recommendations? Preferably someone who would be willing to collect - I don't drive, and I'm happy to pay a bit extra for that. And someone calm and who is willing to take their time rather than churning through as many dogs in as short a time as possible.