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21st February 2009, 12:33 AM
Hello every one Im new here and I have 1 cavalier his name is Tyler he is going to be 11 on March 28th . I got him after a long plane ride from Missouri to NJ when he was 8 weeks old . He is one of the sweetest and loving dogs I have ever owned he is my baby!! When he got home to us we took him for his first puppy visit to make sure that he was ok ...I was shocked and started crying hysterical when my Dr told us Tyler has a heart murmur and that he had a hyrnia repair that the breeder told us nothing of ..he was only 8 weeks old .....I called the breeder immid. she told me to send him back if I wasnt happy ...uhhh yeah right send this little adorable baby back on a flight back to missouri after i fell in love with him already !! Well needles to say he is still here and doing great his heart murmur has gotten louder and stronger as he has aged and they want him to start meds soon all his mris and chest xrays have come up ok for now no fluid in his lungs yet which would be a tell tale sign of heart failure though he does cough ...he has arthritis in his back legs and is on a senior joint vitamin regimen and wow what an improvment !!He is a happy dog very loving and loyal and Im so lucky he is mine ..LISA:lotsaluv:

21st February 2009, 01:28 AM
so good to hear one of the happy stories of beating some odds that looked bad in the start. Welcome to you both! (BTW, my two-legged son is twelve, and his name is Tyler, too!)

21st February 2009, 08:20 AM
Hi, its good to hear that Tyler has got to the age of 11 with a heart murmur diagnosed so young, my dog will be 9 on the 29th March, we also got him at 8 weeks, he has recently been put on meds for a heart murmur, he does have fluid on his lungs so is on water tablets at the moment although the vet does not really want him to stay on them long term, just the heart meds, otherwise he is fine, he still coughs a bit, but his coughing got worse very quickly just over a matter of days from going to the vets to him having an xray.

23rd February 2009, 05:38 PM
He has lived a very happy and fun life ..he has had the heart murmur all his life it did get lower when he was 2 till about 9 he was on meds a year ago but we stoped them because they really bothered his tummy and he constantly had diarrea and bloody stool ...with Dr advise of course ...he is amazing he still loves his walks even if his legs are shaking at the end he still wants more ...he is a big fluff ball to because we shave him in summer and I really dont recomend you shave a cav because the hair NEVER grows back right Im so jelous of all the beautiful coats your babies got!!...Well hopefully my baby will be here for many more years so i can love him up !! I also have a mixed breed dog who is 11 also diagnosed last year with heart murmur and my drs were not alarmed ....Jesse he will probly live till he is 20 he still acts like a puppy !!! Drives Tyler nuts ...Jesse is very protective of Tyler and will bark at you if you pay too much attention to him !!

HOW do you put pictures up ??

24th February 2009, 01:00 AM
I'm so glad you posted. My first Cavalier, Casey, who is my sweetheart, was diagnosed with a murmur at her 1 year check. She'll be 6 this summer, and I have always thought I would lose her early due to the early onset. It's nice to hear yours is 11 and the clock is still ticking, so to speak!