View Full Version : Bella won't eat much- Can I feed her chicken liver every day??

22nd February 2009, 11:06 AM
The ONLY thing she seems to be enthused to eat is chicken liver??!! she has puppy playdates and cooper hadn't eaten it all she raced to the bowl and gobbled it ALL up....I have searched in the library section and tried making the casserole with the marrow bones and vegies/and the raw meatball things- she didn't touch it, she won't eat any chicken, has completly gone off her dry food (she has been getting chicken and eukanuba dry food since she was with me and always loved it) Nothing has changed except she got spayed but that didn't have any complications her stitches are out and she healed well... before the op she was 5.1kg when we went on Friday to get them out, she is 4.4kg...which didn't surprise me as she wasn't eating her chicken and dry food.. SO the question is can i feed her chicken liver every day with her dry food or is that too rich and too much?? Also what about cooked hamburger mince?? i thought that was too fatty and was the bad kind of fat for her heart etc...she is way too skinny now I need her to put on weight!!!but don't want to make her sick by over feeding and indulging her...

22nd February 2009, 03:52 PM
I'm not an expert on what to feed dogs but I definitely wouldn't recommend feeding her chicken liver all the time..maybe mixing some in with her dry food? Theres a lot of techniques of getting picky dogs to eat that you could look into..you should try google! also ask your vet next time your there he/she might know some foods you could try that would be helpful.

22nd February 2009, 10:54 PM
There are some useful tips re feeding in the Cav Info Library on this site which may help.

22nd February 2009, 11:20 PM
I would not recommend chicken liver every day either .... my boys LOVE it, but I know they have sensitive stomachs and it's very rich so I save it for a treat. The kind we buy crumbles ... maybe you could crumble it over or into her regular food? I would bet a little goes long way. I give just a very small piece to Sparky and he lips his licks for minutes!

Do a search for the Satin Balls recipe on this board if she's truly too skinny. I don't have experience with it but know it works for some & you can always choose leaner varieties of the ground beef.

22nd February 2009, 11:27 PM
No, no and no! Liver is very rich and not a healthy permanent feeding option -- she would be missing loads of nutrients she needs (just as it would not be a healthy diet for you to eat chicken liver and nothing else! :) ).

I think you really must go talk to your vet though -- to see if she is truly skinny and if this is signalling some sort of serious problem. I would not just put it down to her being picky about her foods. Most dogs won;t starve themselves. Many owners think a lean dog is a skinny dog because they are so used to seeing too-fat dogs -- that is why it is wise to consult with your vet to see if you are even seeing a problem; she may be a nice healthy lean weight. Lean is much better than pudgy.

For most dogs the only actual eating problem is that owners are being trained by the dog, not vice versa. See the post in the Library section on finicky eaters and stick to the advice there and you will almost certainly crack this problem within a week. But you have to NOT give in and be honest about whether your reactions to her behaviour are encouraging her to do this! Most of us have been here, done that, and can give you lots of support in standing firm! :)

23rd February 2009, 01:49 AM
my solution for the "not eating skinny dog" was to get another dog :lol::lol: If one doesn't eat, the other will try for both :lol:

Seriously though, has she ever really LIKED the food? My dogs are finicky about some of the foods out there although I've found a few that they like and i just try to rotate through them.

Goodluck :)

24th February 2009, 05:05 AM
thankssss everyone, the vet doesn't seem to think she is too skinny... maybe i was just used to her being 5.1kg... she has the same energy levels and appears to be healthy I will keep an eye on her and stay strong= no chicken liver for her every day haha!!