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24th February 2009, 04:53 PM
hi to all,
im new on here so am a bit clueless as to what im doing-tried to upload a pic but that failed so that'l give you all an idea of how well i get on with my computer!
like all of you i LOVE my cavalier, Ruby is going to be 5 this weekend:rah: so her birthday cake is on order! she's only been with me a year having been used at a puppy farm all her life(if i could get my hands on these people....)therefore she's not in the best of health but couldnt be any more spoilt than she is now,she really is the best thing to happen to me.

25th February 2009, 11:08 PM
Welcome to the board. icon_welcome

There's info pinned at the top of the main gallery on how to post pics. Generally you cannot upload them (except your avatar) -- you need to upload them to a photo hosting site then link to the image. :thmbsup: