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26th February 2009, 09:17 PM
Sorry, I originally posted this on someone else's post. I have a 3yr old foster from a mill that has spent all of her life in a cage. I have been unable to put a leash on her and she just goes nuts and refuses to budge. I have been able to put it on and let you just walk with it dragging but once I pick it up she stops and will not go. Food is not a motivator. Second problem is the potty training. I have read the articles here and elsewhere and most are written for puppies, not older dogs who have very bad habits to break. Are they handled the same as the puppies and you just forget about their last 3yrs and were confined to a cage? I do take her out on a regular schedule and she will go each time, but sometimes comes right back in and goes again, so no regular schedule and drinks very little water & food. I will get the book How to train in 7 days if you think it will work with this type of dog and break old habits. I just need to know I am doing this right and we just need a lot of patience. Would welcome any suggestions.



27th February 2009, 01:55 PM
Hi Jane,

I would advise treating your rescue as you would a small puppy for housetraining.

You can download Dr Ian Dunbar's "Before & After You Get your Puppy" from the dogstardaily website.

With the walking leash problem. I saw a similar case on "The Dog Whisperer". Cesar carried the little dog down the road from her home and popped her leash on to walk her back home.

She walked on the leash in this way for the first time. If you could get a helper on board, they could carry your dog a little way from your house and you could be at the garden gate, bottom of your drive, whatever - and encourage your dog to come to you.

In this way a positive association will be made with the leash, as she will want to get home to you.

I hope this helps.

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27th February 2009, 02:27 PM
As above -- they need to be approached like puppies -- :thmbsup: Just be aware that adult puppy farm dogs may never be completely housetrained. They have had a terrible start to life and may never get the association with keeping an area clean. This is not their fault that they cannot learn. If this is an issue it will need to be resolved through management -- eg keeping the dog in indoor tiled or vinyl areas where accidents are easy to clean.

It can take a very long time to lead train as well. You need to let her take all the time she needs. Don;t push her to do things she isn't ready for. Puppy farm dogs can take a long time to get used to just a collar then a harness, before a lead is tried as well. She may be much happier on a harness if she is disliking the lead on a collar (and a harness is also a better option) :) .