View Full Version : Its been a while...

27th February 2009, 10:35 PM
Hi all I havent posted in ages,been busy with stuff :( However Alex is great he really is a handsome little fella,I must post some photos of him.However just a little problem,although he isnt neutered but will be quite soon,Ive noticed that he is trying to "hump" our daughter.She's 5 and she could be sitting watching TV and Alex would just start humping her arm.I have taken him to school with me a couple of times to collect her from school and he has also tried to "hump" other little girls.I'm just wondering if he senses anything from girls? He is getting neutered definitely for health reasons but I would like some advice between then and now as to how to stop him from "humping"our daughter.Other than that he's great.I know its a natural instinct for them to do this but is there a reason for him just to do this with girls.