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2nd March 2009, 11:20 PM
I'm trying to help my elderly neighbours as they are spending a fortune at the vets at the moment. They have a lovely old Cavalier called Bertie who is now in his thirteenth year and they wouldn't hesitate to go without or really struggle, in order to ensure that Bertie gets his meds. I would just like to enable them if possible to get cheaper prescription meds so that they are better able to cope.
Can anyone answer my questions please regarding prescription medication.
Am I right in thinking that if your vet prescribes something, you can ask for the prescription and take the script away with you rather than automatically buying the medication from your vet?
Are vets really "off" with you when you do this?
Even though you have to pay for the script and then pay for the meds from the online pharmacy, does it still work out considerably cheaper?
Would your vet allow you to have a repeat prescription for meds that may be required regularly, eg - a script that could be used several times over, if so, do you just send a photocopy or scanned copy of the script to the online pharmacy?
Is it really a straightforward process, as I don't want to encourage them to do this, only for the whole thing to become incredibly complicated and backfire on them.
Our neighbours have been very kind to us in the past and if I could help them with something like this, it would mean a lot to me as well as them.
Can anyone suggest any UK online pharmacies of which they have personal experience and would recommend and maybe any that should be avoided (hope it's ok to request this)
Thanks, Phoebe's mum :)

3rd March 2009, 12:11 AM
how funny i had a chat with our vet last week about this! rubes needs eye ointment which of course needs to be discarded after 28 days, its over£40 at vets. as this a new med for her just this month i asked about prescript costs in the future, he was absolutely fine with me asking (id built myself up to asking incase he was offended) at ours the cost is £7 then add another £5 for each item thereafter. that would be every time as legally he cannot put more than 2 months of anything on it. i think it would be cheaper as i found it on line for about £24 with free p&p, so even with script cost theres still a big difference. i looked on pet drugs online but please dont take that as a recomend cos ive only looked at their prices!! ive not gone ahead as at the mo our vet is monitoring how well its working for rubes.im sure you do take the script away with you & fill in a form on line but i could be wrong there! hope that helps phoebe:)

3rd March 2009, 01:35 AM
My vet isn't comfortable with me ordering medications online, but they are willing to match the price if I find it somewhere cheaper (ex: 1.800.PETMEDS - not sure if this is only in the US?). My vet's concern is that the medication could be expired or not stored at the correct temperature. If you can prove that you can buy it cheaper somewhere else maybe the vet will match the lower price? Just an idea :)

3rd March 2009, 11:45 AM
I wondered this too, as my vet never offers me the prescription but for future reference it would be good to know, the only thing my vet did was say that i can buy supplements from them or i can source them online, which is much cheaper and he wrote down the amounts i have to give harley daily. The only thing is with supplements you cant really overdose, whereas with drugs you could get tablets with far more in them and dogs even the same breeds there is a great difference in size and weight, so it could be dangerous.

3rd March 2009, 05:59 PM
Have a look at Vet-Medic online. They have a vet that you can contact online for advice and I believe they are reputable.

I bought Drontal worming tabs from them recently and the vet advised me on how much both dogs should have. Dan needs more, as he is heavier.

Murphy & Dan's mom