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5th March 2009, 08:59 AM
Hi just a question for any of you that have greedy boys who like to root in bins?

Gus managed to knock over the bin on tuesday evening when I was in work...the bin is in a press and hubby was putting something in it when Gus pushed past and knocked it down!

Not one to miss an opportunity he took a piece of elastic netting that had been just cut off a piece of ham and clamped his mouth shut on it,hubby sprang into action and tried to get it back,but, Gus wouldn't open his mouth and swallowed it:eek:

I called the vet and he said as it was small (about the size of a normal poop) he should pass it in a day or so.

There is still no sign of it after 36 hours! I have been on POOP duty.

He is eating and pooping ok,drinking as normal, in good form, playing etc. and I 'felt' all along his stomach and he isn't bloated or sore.

I fed him carrots yesterday and there is no sign of them yet either but he did poop this morning and twice yesterday and it is normal (not runny or extra hard).

How long should I wait to 'see' it before I call the vet again?

I had a jack russell years ago who ate a childs sock that fell off the line and we didn't see it after 5 days, even though he was pooping normally, so we had to give him some liquid and he passed it next day,but I can't remember what the liquid was called.:(

Just an update, called the vet again to say he hadn't passed it. I was told to feed a liitle extra around the middle of the day to get him pooping as much as possible. They said I am doing all the right things and he seems ok at the moment but to bring him in at the first signs of any change. Also I am to keep a vigilint poop watch.
I hope he passes it soon, I am begining to worry.

5th March 2009, 12:25 PM
When my Cocker was younger he used to eat everything, EVERYTHING! We kept all things out of his reach but he learend to open the pressed and drawers, without us knowing and we came home to the most random things half eaten; plastic wrappers, the mesh that onions and fruit are kept in, an entire packet of pasta (plus packing!) - this is when we realised he could get onto the press, bits of clothes and anything else you can think of. All, every single last bit of everything, came out the other end. Sometimes it took a few days and other times we were cleaning it up that evening. At one point he was crying when he was pooing (after eating something!) and the vet told us to give him gloopy mashed potatoes, really starchy and nearly gelatinous, to help him pass whatever it was (they aren't able to break down really sticky, starchy potatoes properly and it helps get whatever it is out of them). Maybe give it a try! If it doesn't come out after about 4/5 days definately go back to the vet, just to be on the safe side.

As he get older, and slighly wiser, this phase stopped but we sometimes still clean up bits of socks in his poo :rolleyes:

5th March 2009, 12:55 PM
I shouldnt worry if he seems ok, keep an eye on him for a while and if you're at the vets for something else i would mention it otherwise it should work its way out, or it might dissolve? harley is a bin rader, osama binrader we call him, he hit the bin repeatedly until if falls over, cleaver arnt they, and out falls the contents, and in goes harley head. Well all food, goes straight in the dust bin outside now, its amazing how house trained hes made us. I hope it appears soon, just to put your mind at rest, keep poop hunting. hmmmmm lovely job :o

5th March 2009, 02:03 PM
My dog does`nt take food from the bin and we try not to leave things around but when he was younger he did eat a whole sock like your Jack Russell that took about a week to pass, we were getting really worried but he was actually sick and brought it up, he never seemed to show any signs of discomfort during that time.

6th March 2009, 08:32 AM
Thanks for the advice...still no sign of it and he's pooping normally and seems in fine form.
He doesn't usually have access to the bin as it's in a press and it wasn't even the food bin as we have three bins-food-rubbish- and recyclable, he pulled down the rubbish bin when hubby opened the door of the press.

You need eyes in the back of your head when you go to the bin with Gus around...hubby was informed that he really needs to be more careful.....

Gus is 7 now and still is this naughty where there is a chance of extra food :)

We even put on gloves and went through the contents of that bag of rubbish last night...yuck, so he did eat it as it wasn't in the bin!

I'll watch him again today and see if it appears!

6th March 2009, 12:38 PM
We have lids on ALL of our bins because our retriever was a bin thief. I think Max would be the same given a chance but because of Zeus we are pretty much Max proofed lol!

6th March 2009, 02:03 PM
Oh, poor you! I am picturing the "Marley and Me" scene where they were on poop duty for 5 days waiting for him to poop out the gold necklace he ate!
I think he will be fine if he is acting fine. One time our vizsla ate a shoe string. I noticed he was walking funny a few days later and could see about 2 inches of string poking out his hind end :yuk::*gh:
He kept trying to poop and it just was still there, so I donned a pair of rubber gloves, took hold of the string and pulled out about 18 inches of string. :eek: He looked like a string pull toy when it came out, as he shot off across the yard top speed. :lol:
I'd not worry unless he starts acting uncomfortable, straining to poop with no results, or vomiting. I have some stuff here to help them poop. It is actually designed to help cats pass furballs, but was given to me by the vet to help one of the dogs one time. The primary ingredients in it are white petrolatum (vaseline) and mineral oil and corn syrup (I guess to make it taste good). It has the consistency of vaseline. I was to give a tablespoon of it. It seemed to do the job.

6th March 2009, 03:01 PM
I once had a garbage eater, I'd come home and it would be all over the floor. The only thing I can advise is to keep it where they can never get to it, under the kitchen cabinet, in the laundry room with the door closed or behind a big heavy screen. A pain but could save the dog's life!!! And lots of cleanup!

Jen and Ilsa

6th March 2009, 07:18 PM
I once had a garbage eater, I'd come home and it would be all over the floor. The only thing I can advise is to keep it where they can never get to it, under the kitchen cabinet, in the laundry room with the door closed or behind a big heavy screen. A pain but could save the dog's life!!! And lots of cleanup!

Jen and Ilsa

I do keep the bins well out of the dogs reach behind a closed press door it's in the large press where the boiler is, but the little rascal was like lightning and pushed past my hubby ,knocked down the bin and took the string out!

Hubby said he was the other side of the room when he opened the press and then was suddenly there!!! Fast for a 7 yr old!

Don't worry I'll be making sure he doesn't get the chance again.

7th March 2009, 05:23 PM
Poop duty is now over. We got the string this afternoon.

I was going to call the vet on monday morning and was thinking there would at least be x-rays and maybe an op if he was to start being sick.

At last he passed it...took 4 days!

Now I can relax:)

He will not be allowed anywhere NEAR the press anymore when we are going there to put things in the bin!

Thanks for all the advice:thmbsup:

7th March 2009, 05:33 PM
glad he's ok now !
I once saw a pile on the footpath , over the weeks as the rain washed it away it unfurled into a large intact pair of pants ,lol

8th March 2009, 11:19 AM
I bet your releaved, and happy to hear he is ok now, di (must remember 4 days)

8th March 2009, 11:38 AM
Glad to hear it all worked out in the end!! (sorry couldn't help that lol!) I remember the time not so long ago when waste paper bins were kept on the floor in the corners of my rooms, now they are perched on pieces of furniture high out of reach & i don't ever see a time when that will change now we have 2 cavs! Somehow its hard to see that as a design feature but i try!! :p