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5th March 2009, 07:48 PM
would really apprieciate any advice you can give me. I rescued 2 tri girls aged 8 & 4, who came to live with me and my 7 yr old blem. The 2 new girls had been used for breeding and had never been out of cages. The initial settling in process was going really well and all 3 where getting along fine, one thing I noticed was that now and again Daisy the 8yr old would try to eat the 4 yr olds faeces this only happened a few times and she was beginning to not bother.

Then KC 4yr old has had a rough time, spent time in hospital and is still on lots of medication and could possibly still loose one of her eyes, now since KC returned home Daisy has started trying to eat the faeces again and it can be difficult to make sure it is all cleared before she gets to it as sometimes poor KC is still performing the buisness and Daisy is there. Daisy will eat anything, paper, cotton wool, tissues, and tonight she even found a snail and devoured that!
She is not hungry and always eats all her food this behaviour seems to be getting worse and needs to be stopped as soon as I can. I worry she will eat something which will harm her, or she will get ill, apart from the YUCK factor!

Tonight also for the first time KC was about to join in with Daisy:eek:.
Daisy will stop this behaviour as soon as I say leave, and I clear up after each time but I seem to be spending so much time wondering the garden and checking I havent missed any as she is far better than me at finding the one small bit I didnt find, as you can imagine with 3 dogs thats quite a lot of wondering lol.

Please any suggestions on this

5th March 2009, 09:44 PM

Have a look at this link that helps to deal with the problem. It is a good idea to clean up the faeces as soon as possible, because you don't want the dogs treading in it anyway (pongy feet):paw::paw::eek:.

The link below seems to have the answer anyway.

Good Luck;)


6th March 2009, 06:45 AM
I think the best advice I've read about this problem, and it's not uncommon, is to follow them outside with bag-in-hand and pick up the poo right away.

That way, you're not wandering around looking for it as well.

Seeing as eating the poo from their offspring is such a natural thing for these poor dogs, you may never be able to break them of the habit but you can prevent them from eating it by picking it up immediately.

Not sure I'd use something full of pepper and garlic......imagine how awful it tastes.

We go out to clear the 'dog logs' at least once a day, more in the summer.

6th March 2009, 08:17 AM
I had this problem with Gus when he was young and I used to have to almost stand over him and chase him away as soon as he gone poop!

He did eventually gat the message, but you do need to pick up as soon as they go.

Also my vet said he could be eating it because he was smelling something in the waste that smelled nice to him and may have been undigested food.
We changed to a better brand of food and my vet prescribed a vitamin supplement for a week or so.

He soon got out of the habit but it did gross me out at the time!