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16th March 2009, 05:14 PM
For those wishing to attend tomorrow, the cavaliers are always one of the first breeds on so be out there by 9am if you want to see them. Often they are done and gone by 11!

This is a fun day out for families but it will be absolutely packed so not recommended for pushchairs.

Also you CANNOT bring your pet dog. Don't bring the dog and leave in your car either --not only is this unsafe due to the risk of overheating but dogs have been stolen from people's cars at such events.

Bring cash as there's a huge variety of things to buy from treats to beds to grooming tools to food etc most at prices you won;t find in the shops. Not all places will take cards and there's nowhere to get cash out there.

The show is on at the national show centre just past the airport. It is the right exit, first roundabout after the airport on the Swords road. You will pay a small amount for parking and again for admission.

St Patrick's Celtic Winners Show All Breed Championship Show 17th March 2009 one day show to be held in the National Show Centre, Cloghran, Co Dublin Judging starts at 9.00am. The Show will be open to the public from 7.30am. Price of Admission will be Adults €5.00 Children/O.A.P's €3.00 Family €15.00. Associate Members of the Irish Kennel Club admitted free upon production of current Membership Card.

17th March 2009, 04:40 PM
Just back from this; smaller show this year with fewer entries and exhibitors but got some treats and salmon oil and the Kronch people will do us some deals for European members on fish treats and salmon oil... :-)

The cavaliers were actually late morning for a change so saw most of the classes. Some very unimpressive dogs with really scraggly build and coats; several looked like something had been chewing off their tail hair!! :eek: But also some beauties too. Two scratchers, one almost certainly SM, air scratching three times in a row in the 2 minutes I was standing there. Met a nice little Charlie and TIbetan spaniel as well. Loved the pyreneans. For some reason there are always lots of St Bernards at the Irish show, as well as newfoundlands! I love the red and white Irish setters and the clumbers and English setters.

I have some pics to put up later.

amanda L
17th March 2009, 04:55 PM
Think you had just gone in when we were leaving, met Tara and Laura....:)

the Kronch people will do us some deals for European members on fish treats and salmon oil... :smile:

Oh great, I bought some too and some bags of salmon treats, just a question on the Kronch, do you store it in the fridge once opened, meant to ask but forgot..
Got a new bed for the doglets, from Cosypaws, a UK company, they have really nice doggie stuff.:paw:

17th March 2009, 05:18 PM
Thanks for sharing, Karlin, and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Here in the States everyone is just a little bit Irish on this day. I, personally am 1/16 Irish, 4/16 Scotch-Irish, 4/16 German and 7/16 English, or thereabouts, in other works an all-American mutt!!!

For those of you who may not know, the term "Scotch-Irish" is an American term used to refer to Irish Protestants from Ultster, approximately 250,000, who immigrated to America during the 1700s, many settling in the Southern Appalachians (where much of my family is from and where I live now). The majority of these immigrants were descended from Scottish and English families who had been transplated to Ireland in the 1600s as part of the "Plantation of Ulster."

Again, hope eveyone enjoys St. Patrick's Day and watch the green beer or designate a driver!

17th March 2009, 06:11 PM
I was told no need to refrigerate fish oil. Mine has been out for about a year! I got another of the large jugs.

Winners now up:

2009 Celtic Winners Show Group 9
Judge: Mr. G. A. Davies

Best of Breed



Both very beautiful dogs. Sean Martin of Glencross showing the BIB.

17th March 2009, 08:22 PM
It's been a beautiful spring day, with actual sunshine this year on St Patrick's Day so everyone is in a good mood. No soggy tourists or Irish folks :).