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20th March 2009, 02:28 AM
This is just an update for those who are interested. I wrote a post entitled "So Frustrated" a day ago about Albies itching and not knowing what was going on.

Today I took him to the vet for another chat and health check. The vet talked about how we ruled out food allergies and we should start looking other places. She noticed some discharge not a lot in his ears and the scabs on his head. She took a sample for ear mites and the found ONE mite egg. So now we are treating for ear mites. I guess I was a little upset because we were at the vets only 4 weeks ago and she said his ears looked fine and kind of blew off my concerns I thought. She also said that his itching around his head would be related to the mites which I can understand but his itching behind his front legs I am not sure about. She said since the skin is all one organ that its all probably related but it doesnt quite make sense to me. Maybe I am just overly paranoid.

Also, I dont know how he could get ear mites. He rarely has close contact with other dogs. I mean he might come across one at the vet here and there but thats about it. Plus he has had these itching issues for about 4 months now. My vet said that he could have had these since he was a puppy and he just never let on and the symptoms have within the past 4 months escalated. Does this sound right? I am crossing my fingers that this works and it will end his itchy plight! The vet put him on Revolution for two months along with Kip our other dog since she said if Albie has it then its more than likely Kip has it although he shows none of the symptoms Albie has.

Does this sound right or familiar? I am just over thinking things?

Cathy Moon
20th March 2009, 10:49 PM
I've heard that ear mites are contagious, so I would go along with treating them both.

If you can have a dermatologist look at him it would most likely be worthwhile.

Since taking India to a dermatologist for the PSOM study, I've found they pay much more attention to the ears and skin than many regular vets do. India was diagnosed with yeast from allergies, and she has been completely yeast free since last winter. We had no idea she had this problem. We had attributed her ear scratching to PSOM, which was treated in the study but really it was both conditions. So now she has two problems cured!

Since taking Geordie to the same dermatologist for the same study, they found he had a very slight case of pyoderma in his lip folds and chin area. We could see nothing wrong, but I happened to mention he was running along the sofa to wipe his face sometimes. So he had two problems cured as well.

31st March 2009, 03:16 PM
Just wanted to to quick ask you all that have gone through ear mites. About how long did it take to see symptoms (scratching, redness, sore ears) go away. We are coming on two weeks now and it seems like his ear just got redder over night. Should I be concerned or am I impatient?

31st March 2009, 04:01 PM
I do know you have to treat twice or three times for mites, once again when all the eggs hatch. Ilsa has never had them (knock wood) but I read too much.

Jen and Ilsa

31st March 2009, 04:02 PM
We put on revolution and the vet said to put it on him again in one month. Is this not true?