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20th March 2009, 08:46 AM
A very special home needed


Queenie has come to us as she has finished her time as a breeding bitch. She has sore skin and dry eye that have caused eye infections in her now sightless eyes.

We bathed her and talked to her and she tried to see where the sounds came from. She loved the warm water and gentle rub.

Once she was dry we allowed her to runaround the sunny yard with her new friends and although blind she loved it.The best home ever please as she has won our hearts!


This little girl has got my heart, little sweetie. I'd have her myself but Manytears won't let me have ex puppymill with young children. Hope she finds a forever home soon

20th March 2009, 07:19 PM
Anyone interested -- please be sure to get a proper health check on this dog which may have dry eye/curly coat syndrome given the state she is in and this description given by the rescue, and if this is the case, you would need to very seriously consider this dog's quality of life, as this is a horrifically painful condition for the dog. I would hope that Many Tears would have this checked properly.

The information given, indicates this is very possibly a dog with dry eye/curly coat and if so I would hope Many Tears would both have a vet knowledgable about this condition look at this dog. If this is the diagnosis, the rescue should take a responsible decision about the morality of prolonging this dog's discomfort.

Personally, I would rather manage a dog with SM than one with dry eye/curly coat -- that is how awful this auto-immune condition is, which seems uniques to cavaliers. :(

I could not in good conscience allow a dog that possibly has this condition be homed to anyone who isn't aware of this possibility.

Please question Many Tears very closely about this dog. I hope they are in turn, honest with people considering homing her as it would be incredibly cruel to rehome a dog to people unaware of this possible diagnosis.

20th March 2009, 07:27 PM
Please see:


Also, from a previous thread here on this condition:

Other breeds suffer with Dry Eye and other breeds can have Curly Coat but for some unknown reason the combination of both conditions exists ONLY in the CKCS.

Pups born with this condition certainly look very different from normal unaffected pups and most breeders kindly PTS these affected pups. They are born with a very wavy, almost curly coat and when the eyes open they look very different. The condition isn't "rare", it just isn't "seen" very often for the above reason.
Mildly affected cases seem sometimes to slip through. An unexperienced breeder might not notice or be aware of the condition at all, they might just assume that the puppy is "different" and run it on with the others.

If you ever talk with an older, much experienced, established breeder they will tell you the condition has been there for many years, many seem surprised that it now even has a name.
The name now given of Dry Eye/Curly Coat is possibly soon to change to "Rough coat Syndrome" which is a much better description of the coat alone.

To care for a Cavalier with this condition ie extremely demanding and carries with it alot of worry. It is constant care that needs to be given every hour of the day. Drops, baths, diet, sore eyes, blistered feet, dropping nails, ulcerated eyes.....the list goes on and on. As the dog grows older the problems increase and age brings new ones with them.

This is an auto immune disease and so naturally even with a tiny problem everything takes twice as long to heal and recover. There are not words to explain what it's like to watch your baby with this....you just do your best.