View Full Version : SM symptoms?

22nd March 2009, 09:59 PM
For the last few weeks Scarlett's been scratching at herself a lot and chewing on her paws. I remember reading that air scratching is a sign of SM but she doesn't really do that she just scratches her ears a lot or her back. She also always lies on the ground and chews on her paws, at first when she started doing this I thought she was just playing she kinda makes little growling sounds while shes doing it and chases them around then chews them but she moves her paws while she's chewing them so it kind of just looks like she's playing. Also just a few minutes ago she started scooting around on the floor. I'm starting to get worried but she was at the vet only a few weeks ago and the vet didn't notice anything. I know I should bring her back if I'm this worried but as horrible as it sounds I don't think I can afford it right now especially if its just me being paranoid :(

22nd March 2009, 10:08 PM
This sounds like allergies, possibly. You do need to talk to your vet. Scooting is very common in the breed and my dogs without SM do this, do face rubbing, and also chew their paws. Unfortunately SM symptoms are similar to many other things including some behaviours that are normal for some dogs -- but excessive scratching and paw chewing is not normal, so you want to find the cause. The scratching could be fleas, PSOM, ear mites, ear infections, allergies, for example.

Given that there's a lot of scratching and paw chewing I'd talk to your vet so you can see if you can find a cause. There are many many things this could be.

I have lots of SM info at www.smcavalier.com and in particular you might want to watch the videos and check the section entitled 'is this SM?' as it gives all the things to check for.