View Full Version : Do any of you vaccinate your own pet?

2nd April 2009, 02:29 PM
I'm starting to freak out a bit here. Trying to find ways to cut back expenses in regards to everything but also in regards to having 4 dogs. I groom them myself--even the shih tzu--a few years ago bought a video and then a clipper and went this isn't hard. I just added up what we have spent in vet/hospital bills in the past 2 months and I about fell over--I knew it was alot but sure didn't think it was this much. Well the grand total is $5469.60. ***#####*****

I just ordered the advtantix on e-bay and saved a bundle and also buy their sentinel online. I'm thinking about vaccinating them myself too as I know its alot cheaper.

Bentley and Chelsea have medical coverage and so does Abbey but it was too late for her sm. Believe it or not they did pay about $300.00 of it because of the uti etc. That was a shock.

Anyways, my question is do any of you vaccinate your dogs? If breeders do it then why can't I?

2nd April 2009, 02:41 PM
Not wise. A dog can die very quickly if there's a reaction. Just because there hasn't been one does not mean there won't be one in future. Some elements of the vax have higher reaction rates as well. And cavaliers need injections somewhere other than the neck and other areas are more difficult to do than neck skin.

Breeders -- some of them -- are willing to run the risk. So are some rescues. I am not. Instead why not talk to your vet about a group discount. I wouldn't cut back on this area of basic vet care. However they only need vaccinations every *three* years anyway -- surely this is not too difficult to manage within a budget for the dogs, once every three years?

3rd April 2009, 02:30 AM
First I have to say that I used to work at a vet, I was taught how to mix the vaccines, how to give the shots, even how to draw blood. I can also pre med a dog for surgery, place an IV, monitor during surgery, etc. Anyway, I do now give my dogs their shots, here in the US most vets still recommend a yearly distemper and bordatella, those are the ones I do. I get them at the feed store here in our area. (Each shot is about $4.50 to $6) By law in Missouri the vet has to do the rabies, but they can get a 3 year rabies. We take our dogs to the local Petco vax clinic where a 3 year rabies and county tag is about $17 for the show and $5 for the tag if they are spayed/neutered. You'd have to check with your local Petco or Petsmart and be prepared to wait in a long line! I had a hard time paying the vet's prices after working for one, I know the actual COST of the shots is only about $2 to $4 per shot! We have 5 dogs and 4 cats, too many I know, you tend to end up with a lot when you work for a vet! So I can really sympathsize about vet bills. I don't know that doing your own shots is for everyone, you have to make sure they have been kept refridgerated, mixed properly, injected properly and I would advise giving them early on a weekday with a vet's phone number handy in case there is a vax reaction. (Vomitting, lethargic, facial swelling.) You could also check with your local Humane Society to see if they know of any reduced cost vax clinics held nearby. If you do decide to do your own shots you have to keep records, save all DATED receipts, Label the receipts with the dog's name, peel the labels from all of the vials and put them on your own record sheet or maybe on the receipt. Well, that's about all I know! Hope this was helpful!


3rd April 2009, 02:44 AM
Was very very helpful and thank you and also thanks Karllin. I don't think I want to risk it. I think I will look for the low cost deals--although I'm not in that big of a city but its worth a try. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.