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Daisy's Mom
4th April 2009, 01:58 AM
Do any of you go camping with your dogs? Camping as in a tent, and not a camper, that is. We are talking about going camping for the first time as a family and I of course want to bring Daisy. My husband doesn't think it will work out that well as she may not be allowed on the trails and there's no way I'd leave her in a tent unattended for someone to steal or let loose. I'm assuming that she would be allowed on state park trails, but of course I'd check that out prior to going.

My other big concern would be ticks.

What are your experiences with camping with dogs and what do you do with your dogs when you are doing some activity that they can't join you on?


4th April 2009, 06:18 AM
I have with big Labs. They've gotten sprayed by skunks everytime, dumb things. They keep smelling them thinking they will get a different response and all they get is alot of tomato sauce. Tie a big rope between two trees and another with a loop onto that rope and then tie it to their harness and you get a good dog run.

4th April 2009, 06:44 AM
I've taken my dogs camping twice. Many state parks allow dogs on trails, but they will need to be leashed. :) The campground that we stayed in had a head office (where they sold ice and that sort of thing) and believe it or not had a doggy daycare service. We didn't end up needing to use it, but it was there if we did. I would recommend taking an X pen for her if you're camping outside so you are free to make food and stuff and she doesn't have to be tethered to you.

I didn't have to deal with ticks - depending on where you go sometimes the trails are pretty wide - but there is flea stuff that supposedly prevents against ticks? (We don't really deal with them up here so I don't have much advice on that front).

Another thing i would advise is making sure you know where the closest emergency vet is and how to get there. I took a doggy first aid kit on my camping trip as well as some hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting if need be. Be familiar with some of the natural vegetation that can be ingested and what is poisonous (sometimes they have books with pictures). Faith actually got stung or ate a bee when we were camping - If I went camping again I would make sure to have the correct dosage of benadryl on hand for a just in case - I thankfully didn't have a problem, just her lips swelled, but it was scary.

I think it was kind of a pain to take them, but it was totally worth it!! They LOVED being there and we loved having them with us - made everything a lot less stressful. One thing that was awful for us the second time around was that we ended up going in the heart of mosquito country - which was awful. I ended up putting a sweater on both of them at night.. I would ask your vet what he/she thinks about a mosquito repellent for dogs if you're planning on going in the thick of mosquito season.

Good luck! :)

4th April 2009, 05:31 PM
I love camping with the dogs...most areas have leash laws so check before you go. I never had any accidents, my main problem is sunshine getting so dirty with her long coat. Last summer I had to cut all her hair because she had burrs stuck in it.

5th April 2009, 02:44 AM
I have gone camping with mine several times - ticks were definitely a problem! The second time we went I bathed them with a tick shampoo before we went and it worked out MUCH better.

I would bring a tie-out line because they did manage to chew through their long leashes!

5th April 2009, 04:03 AM
We have gone camping with ours twice. Never a problem, Indy even helped collect firewood last time. :)


Cathy Moon
5th April 2009, 04:32 PM
I'd like to try tent/car camping with the dogs too. It's the only kind of vacation I can afford right now.:)

Last year I bought a screen tent on sale, and I'm thinking of setting it up on the campsite for hanging out in with the dogs if there are mosquitoes. We only have a tiny two-man backpacking tent to sleep in, but I don't think that will be a problem because we used to stow some of our gear in it along with ourselves on our backpacking trips. I'll bring x-pens too to keep them out from underfoot when we're cooking, etc.

My main concerns are barking at night sounds and getting tangled/matted with leaves and dirt. Has that been a problem for anyone? Also, has anyone camped with cavaliers in black bear country?

5th April 2009, 04:45 PM
I have camped (camper though) in black bear country. We hiked a lot though. Black bears will generally be more scared of you than you are of them (well at least equally so) unless you get between mama and cubs. More than once our retriever scared a black bear out of the bush (luckily when he was walking with hubby - not me). Hubby was less than impressed but the bear just walked across the path. I don't think that would happen in a park with dogs on leash though. When we lived in a tick area I'm pretty sure we got a vaccination for lyme disease. Not only did we camp with the dogs but we actually lived right next to the bush so we did a lot of bush hiking with them. Where were lived it was old growth forest so burrs weren't a problem but my two now get them just going out walking so I'd imagine you'd want to keep up with brushing daily if you were in burr area.

Daisy's Mom
5th April 2009, 11:25 PM
Thanks, everyone! I love the little firewood helper picture!

We may just try a one-nighter to start with, in a place with trails that allow leashed dogs. I know burrs will be a problem because Daisy has a very long coat. We've gotten ticks here before, so those will also be an issue. (Why are these things always harder than they should be?)

8th April 2009, 06:18 AM
We camp (fifth wheel) on a regular basis with our five girls and they love it. They know when we start gathering together things that we are going!

Most campgrounds accept dogs & most have doggie walking/potty areas. The biggest complaint a campground will have is those who don't clean up after their dogs. We always have a healthy supply of sandwich baggies & plastic grocery bags on hand. We haven't had any problems on hiking trails as long as the girls are leashed. (they always are!) We also use an x-pen. It's too hard to keep them leashed to you & to keep your eye on them every second. Personally I would not leave dogs alone in a tent. I have seen dogs manage to get out plus, even is cool weather, a tent can get Very hot! I just wouldn't feel safe.

Knowing where the nearest vet is is a must (we have needed their services in the past). We have a traveling notebook that has everyone's medical record, list of shots etc handy so that the "new" vet will have a handy update. A lot of campgrounds have info sheets with local services listed. A first aid kit & book are a must.

Use filtered or bottlerd water as using "local" water can cause tummy upsets. Four of the girls refuse to drink water in the car so we were advised to add a samll amount of pedialyte to their water when we arrive at our destinationmto keep the electrolytes up.

We try to keep the girls on the trail but there is always the chance of a tick so we do "tick check" every night before bed. Also be aware of the local wildlife - the snakes always scare me!

As you think about it make a check list of everything you might need. Makes it a whole lot easier. Have the shampoo & towels ready for when you get home as you will need them! - and have fun. Nothing is quite as rewarding as enjoying nature with your fur kids!

8th April 2009, 07:20 AM
- the snakes always scare me!

Snakes are something I'm glad you mentioned. If you can find a hunting trainer (gundog trainer) see if any of them snake train without the use of a shock collar. It is something I have done before with dogs and it has save their life once or twice when we were walking on a trail and they started barking.

The snakes have their fangs removed and their lips sewn shut and every time the dog goes to investigate, they are corrected or taught to do a command.

A great thing to do for anyone who camps. It gives the pups something to do and you have a warning system for dangerous things. Plus you all know Cavvy's love having a job!

8th April 2009, 04:29 PM
We travel with our crew all the time. We are traveling now in an RV, but you got some great advice.

I would definitely check for ticks, leash rules and bring bottled water or get a cheap jug from wal-mart and take water from home.

We also have a backpack that they can travel in if they get tired. Shampoo is a must, especially for beach dogs!

We are able to crate ours in the RV, so I don't have an advice on letting them in the tent. I would caution on heat.

Pack a first aid kit and know where the closet vet is. There are usually trails that allow dogs and some that don't. Check ahead if you can.

Take pictures and have fun!:snap: