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9th April 2009, 09:13 AM
i was giving Peaches a brush just now and i found a massive matt behind her ear. i managed to cut it out but, i have decided that she needs a decent groomer to go over her every now and then.

so the question is does anyone have a list of things i should look for before i let anyone loose on her?

also i have thought before about buying my own clippers for her, but whenever hubby turns his on to do his hair she is obviously wary (possibly to the point of scared). would a groomer let me stay with her in case she gets scared?

any advice is as always appreciated.

9th April 2009, 09:50 AM
Mats behind the ear are best dealt with by daily gentle brushing. If you cut them out then the hair sometimes grows back in all at once at the same level and I find can mat even more -- plus leaves a big gap -- so the best approach is regular home brushing to prevent them developing. The mats build up quickly and you'd have to send a dog to the groomer 2-3 times a week to avoid them developing so really, mats on their own are something the owner needs to manage through regular brushing, combing and gently detangling; they are not a sign that you need a groomer. :) That's more for the overall look.

If you want to send her every 8-12 weeks to a groomer (the usual time between groomings -- as you can see this would not help with mats at all!), then look for one familiar with cavaliers. Cavaliers are not supposed to be trimmed and the bad job of trimming without asking the owner as if this breed is a cocker is probably the biggest problem owners come across with groomers. If you want our dog shaved down though, then really, any groomer is probably going to do.

I'd leave your dog in and not ask to stay with her. First off most groomers won;t allow someone back during the grooming session and also having the owner there -- who is responding to what is going on and is anxious -- is more likely to make the dog nervous that if it is on its own. A good groomer is more than used to nervous dogs and will manage the dog very well on their own.

You might ask your vets if they can recommend a groomer as often they are aware of the good ones.

9th April 2009, 10:09 AM
You might ask your vets if they can recommend a groomer as often they are aware of the good ones.

:sl*p: why didn't i think of that. thanks Karlin your a star.
i suspect i would be very nervous which will transmit to her. i would like her clipped quite close as we spend alot of time in woods and last year was bad enough with her getting stuff caught in her tail etc plus i think she looks VERY cute with short ears :D

Brian M
9th April 2009, 10:23 AM
Hi Ciren

Do be careful I had a disaster last year but then I found a brillaint lady who breeds and shows cockers and shes a cracking groomer ,hard to find but worth their weight in gold ,so my three go every 10 weeks I drop them at 10.00 am and collect them at 3.00 pm

9th April 2009, 10:38 AM
My two are booked in to be groomed next week and the groomer we use is fantastic. I give her strict instructions when I drop them off usually I tell her not to go near Holly's ears but Bailey's can be trimmed because they suit him shorter. Maybe you could look through the galleries here in CT and if you find a cavi with the style you would like for Peaches, print it off and bring it with you.. :thmbsup:

9th April 2009, 11:16 AM
heh for the look, anything that doenst get twigs caught in and less hassle to wash when she has been at the fox poo :D

Cathy Moon
9th April 2009, 12:16 PM
Here are all the things I'd look for in a groomer on one website:thmbsup::

9th April 2009, 12:46 PM
brilliant thanks!

9th April 2009, 02:58 PM
i just had a lucky escape, i met a lady who had a yorkie on my walk. never met before but it was obvious the dog had been groomed. so i asked her and she said she had a lady come to the house. she also said that she had used the one i was thinking of going to and her dog came back with fleas.

won't be going there then.....

9th April 2009, 07:51 PM
Came home with fleas!:eek:
ive only taken mine to groomers once so far, they were good but wouldnt let me stay so i gave lots of guidlines to what i would like doing (also lots of please look after her wont you!? she just smiled & said we always do) i was a little early in going back to collect rubes, when i went in she was up on the table sitting beautifully-then she saw me & started scrambling to get off the table so it makes more sense to leave them to it!

9th April 2009, 08:25 PM
I have tried about 4 groomers for J and there is only one who has ever done what i asked (not sure if i am allowed to mention them on here but they are brilliant) when i got J he was 7 month old and i dont think he had ever been brushed so he was very matted but these sorted him out and his coat grew back in fantastic. I would never advise to get your dog clipped but in J's case he needed it. The groomer i first used is booked up months in advance and at one point i didnt have transport so i got a mobile one who was ok and loved J but in my opinion didnt know enough about the breed. the other ones i have tried i have not been happy with.
Any decent grooming salon will let you have a look around and explain what happens but they are generally happier for you to leave your doggie and come back in about 2 hours although the one i originally mentioned (the best one) would let me stay if that made me happier. I chose not to as i thought it would stress me out too much thus transfering the stress to J.

13th April 2009, 03:20 AM
A breeder where I lives grooms during the week and she has been a blessing! She does let me stay and play with her puppies or other dogs while she grooms and has taught me tons about grooming myself! You might call around to any breeders (good ones of course!) to see who they recommend - I have seen too many cavs cut like a cocker that I was scared to take him even to the vets groomer!

13th April 2009, 10:57 AM
Heres my groomer


Carol is brill and i find with a new groomer tell her exactly what you want, how you like the tail, the chest, the feet, the feathers, the coat length and go for less done that you would like and work from there, its a bit like a new hairdresser it takes a few goes until you get it just right.

I tend to say these bits need a good cut, usually chest, neck and feet, the rest just a tidy up, they tend to clip nail and empty anal glands as well. di