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14th April 2009, 12:49 PM
I just called my vet to book sparky in for his booster this afternoon. The nurse told me they now do a full health screen & need a urine sample. Ive never in 20 years of owning a dog been asked for urine samples for their boosters - has anyone heard of this? I did wonder if its a money making thing?

Also i need a tip how to get the sample- ive only had to get one from cass before & i slipped a saucer under her while she went. I tried following sparky round the garden with a saucer which just freaked him out & he wont go at all now!!! Any ideas????

14th April 2009, 01:06 PM
I`ve never heard of having to produce a urine sample for a booster, I had to smile at your post as I remembered the time I had to take a sample up for Jasper, I used a margarine tub, and I did the same as you and followed him round the garden he got wise and stoped cocking his leg up and refused to go, I eventually got a small amount to take with me to the vets.

14th April 2009, 01:10 PM
Why not ring your vet and get their suggestions? My vets supply a small syringe and so I can generally just get a sample when the dogs wee on a wall and leave a puddle. Need to be walking on pavement though and not peeing on top of other pee. Sometimes vets will want a cleaner sample though.

I think that's great that they are doing urine screens as an annual measure -- this is where a lot of problems will show up first and is less invasive than a blood sample, which is the other method to see where problems show up first.

Incidentally having a dog trained to pee on command is very useful at times like this! :)

Also: if you have questions as to why the vets are asking for a urine sample and what benefit it serves, ask them! You are after all their client and they are providing the service.

14th April 2009, 02:16 PM
Ohh good idea with the syringe, will ask for one & will have to drop the sample in later (if sucessfull!). I will ask why theyre doing this now but agree its a good idea. I had wondered if they had mixed my dogs up on their system as they did blood work on Cass when she went for her booster in feb as shes classes as an OAP now!!

14th April 2009, 04:15 PM

So, just back from the vets & a little confused! When we went into the room I said to the vet tha I hadnt managed to get a urine sample but if he gave me a sryinge I'd have a go later or in the morning. He asked me why what was wrong with Sparky that I wanted a urine test for! So I explained that id been asked for a urine sample & he didnt know why I'd been asked as they dont normaly do them with boosters!

On a good note Sparky was very good having his booster & letting the vet look all over him & his heart is perfect - one of the strongest the vet had heard in a cavalier he said! :w**h**:

Then he said somethng else odd, after I said I was very please Sparkys heart was so strong as being a cav MVD is always in the back of your mind....... he said oh I wouldnt worry about that, it's not that common in cavaliers anymore.:yikes What plannet does he come from I wonder? I was going to mention SM but had he feeling he really wouldnt know what I was talking about then.

Im a little dissapointed with my vet now, wonder if they're any good or if I should change?:confused:

Oh one more thing - I took Cass with me (as I allways take them noth so they get used to being at the vets even if theres nothing wrong with them) & he kept on about her being old & how I should get her bloods done (which were done in feb) to chec her kidneys etc are functioning...............

14th April 2009, 05:28 PM
Mindy was getting up in the night recently and I was trying to get a urine sample to check for UTI. She does pee on command when I'm not trying to slip something under her butt so I haven't had any success. She seems to be sleeping through most nights again so I've kind of lost my sense of urgency. I might try the syringe idea but since I've trained her to only pee on grass I'm not so sure how it will work. I guess now would be the time to try and train her to pee on the cement again.

14th April 2009, 05:56 PM
Its a difficult one, i had to get a sample of urine of my last dog (a cocker) and when she bent down to pee, i slipped a foil pie dish under her, the noise it made made her jump and she kicked it over. Sound to me like your vets dont know what they are doing, id would go and question them, i find at my vets it depends on who you are talking to, they all have a different opinions.

14th April 2009, 06:10 PM
I'm so glad your boy's heart is so strong!

I find it strange that the vet asks you to get the urine sample...my vet always got it himself. He would just tell me to not let Lance pee before he came in and then he took him in back to draw a bit of urine from a catheter I guess. Of course, I'm sure Lance didn't enjoy that, so if you can get a sample yourself while he widdles, that's best. I just can't imagine following my dog around with a little dish! lol

14th April 2009, 11:42 PM
Do you see the same vet each time? Was just wondering, as it sounds as though their 'record keeping' may be a little bit 'wide of the mark'? The bottom line is, if you have any niggling little doubts about this practice it would be best to look elsewhere.

Glad to hear your boys heart is good and strong:thmbsup:

Cathy Moon
15th April 2009, 02:08 AM
I've had to collect many urine specimens from India over the years before we finally figured out how to prevent her UTIs. The vet gave me this advice - use a soup ladle. Put it under the female dog from behind/underneath when she squats, and hold it under the male from the side immediately after he starts peeing. I keep the soup ladle out of sight until it's time to use it, act very nonchalant, and the dog must be on a lead. It's very easy to do! :) It might be a good idea to practice a few times now before a specimen is needed.

If the vet needs a sterile urine specimen, they take your dog in the back and collect the specimen by putting a needle through the abdomen to the bladder. India has had that done 3 times in the past, and she didn't seem upset at all when they brought her back to me. I usually give her treats following any procedures so she'll like coming to the vets.

15th April 2009, 12:42 PM
I like the soup ladle idea a lot - I'm going to try that.

15th April 2009, 11:46 PM
Thank you Cathy for the soup ladle idea. Thats very handy advice. Will be out the garden 'practicing' that tomorrow :)

Margaret C
16th April 2009, 12:01 AM
I love the idea of a soup ladle.

My vet gives me a package containing a specimen bottle and plastic scoop. Just can't remember the name.

The scoop has a hole in one end. At that end the bottle screws on and acts as the handle.

When the urine is collected I usually put on disposable rubber gloves so I can place the scoop well underneath the dog without worrying about being showered.
The cavalier usually stops in mid stream when they realise they are being 'interfered with' but I usually get enough for testing purposes.

When I tip the scoop the urine goes through the hole into the little bottle. This is then unscrewed & the lid put on.

Margaret C