View Full Version : Now you can blog other people's posts if you'd like

14th April 2009, 07:50 PM
A new feature of the updated blog software is that you can automatically blog a post -- yours or someone else's -- by clicking the little icon in the lower right hand corner of any post that has already been made to the board (the little person with a speech bubble icon).

You will have to add the direct link to the post or thread yourself, if you wish to point people to the exact post/thread. This is a nice feature if maybe you'd like to discuss some aspect of a post or thread that goes a bit off-topic or is otherwise something you don't want on the thread itself but would like to comment upon. You can see how this works by looking at my blog as I posted a post of Nicki's that explains the Paws Across the World thread.

Blogs are now listed at the bottom along with the Who's Online stats and you can see the latest post and go directly to the blog central homepage.

Every member can set up a blog; the controls for personalising yours are in your User CP (control panel), link at the top left of the board.

Currently only members can read blogs but I can change this if people would like?