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18th April 2009, 02:50 AM
Rex is 14 weeks, and he sits but we want to teach more..he doesnt like treats so I try and use praise but he still just looks at me like what am I doing. I try and move his body to help but I have no clue.

Any good tips...I have on reserve a good book but I have to wait till its back to get it.

Also he sits but when you try and do anything else he stand up right away.

One more question, he doesnt bark or anything other than when he sees other dogs and that is not often but he trys his hardest to get out of my arms to get to them...Should I get him around other dogs..I am sure its becuz he want to play I have no clue...

Thanks so much, I am new to all this.

18th April 2009, 12:17 PM
If you go to www.dogstardaily.com you can download, for free, two of the very best training and care books out there: Ian Dunbar's 'Before you get your Puppy' and 'After you get your Puppy.' I highly recommend both of these. You can find them in the 'free downloads' section of the site.

Dr Dunbar was just in Ireland for a 3 day seminar and one of the things he talked about was dogs like this. When he teaches a training class the first thing he does is have people hand feed, kibble by kibble, the dog's meal every single day for a week. That conditions the dog. The idea is that you use a mix of treats and praise anyway -- you shouldn't have to rely only on treats. But for some dogs a toymay be a better reward. What makes your puppy go crazy? That should be the reward, usually. But read Dr Dunbar's training advice so you know exactly what to try and to do.

And check out the home page for the site -- the set of links on just that page alone probably will be of help to every single person on the board in one way or another as it deals with everything from puppies to manners to barking to resource guarding... all the major questions and issues.

I cannot recommend this site enough as the primary resource for anyone with a dog. There are downloads, blogs, free videos, etc all from one of the world's most renowned dog trainers using positive methods.

Perhaps one of the best purchases you could make is his video course on Sirius Puppy training -- this is the method and approach that made him famous in the 80s, back when people generally didn't even bother trying to train puppies!

18th April 2009, 12:28 PM
Here's his basic article on lure training (eg using food rewards). It is quite detailed -- the book is more user friendly but people might want to read this as background.


Note that he only advises using food for about *6 trials* when training something new. Critics often argue that using food to train means 'bribing' the dog forever after with food -- yet this is exactly NOT how food reward training works (and it is the single most effective method for training and is the method most used with animals in Hollywood and in performance shows. Why is it only with dogs -- with which we should have a much closer relationship and where poor behaviour can mean death and abandonment -- that so many feel punishment training will be more effective when it is NOT used by pro trainers with animals that need to perform complex actions precisely and reliably for camera and audiences??? :? When you think about it, it's a ludicrous and sad situation).

18th April 2009, 02:35 PM
Thank you so much I will am going to look at that site right away..

Thanks again.